Individuals Can Learn to Live Healthier and Happier Lives Through New Workshop

Dr. Renée Rivard reveals how food can impact genes, control weight and prevent diseases based on the cutting-edge science of nutrigenomics.

Diet is a big factor in chronic disease and for many types of cancer. According to the New York Times, the growing interest in genes and the effect nutrition has on one’s genes has led individuals to change their diet according to their genetic makeup. Dr. Renée Rivard is the founder and CEO of Is Disease Hereditary?, an evidence-based company dedicated to empowering people to live healthier, happier lives.

“I have always been fascinated by watching nature and learning how things work, especially how the human body works,” says Dr. Rivard. “We are not ‘stuck’ with some predefined, fixed health scenario handed down to us. We can actually change the way our genes function based on the food we eat, as well as the lifestyle we live. We have control over our genetic destiny.”

Dr. Rivard’s mission is to empower people, with knowledge, in order to help them make informed decisions about nutrition. Many people have struggled on where or how to start eating healthy in the current Information Era. A lot of good information can seem conflicting, especially when combined with misinformation. Dr. Rivard’s program simplifies the science behind eating healthy to help individuals embrace it as a lifestyle.

Dr. Rivard has helped many throughout her career live a healthier life. Her impact has allowed people to become happier and take control of things they once thought impossible.

“I have been participating in this program for one month and I have noticed various changes for the better in my body,” says Sandra, a client of Dr. Rivard’s from Florida. “I feel energized and healthier, I can think clearer and even my attitude and memory have improved. Another welcome side effect was the weight loss. Through these dietary changes, I gained a new lease on life and get to enjoy the healthier days ahead. I have decided to go back to eating the way Mother Nature intended for us to do.”

Dr. Rivard’s ability to simplify complex scientific information into a highly effective message stems from her experience including 20 years of medical study evaluation, clinical practice, and participation on the National Committee for Patient Information and Education.

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