Indiesound-The Rising Star of Independent Music

Independent music website hits the high notes to become the music industry's fastest growing network for undiscovered talent to get heard.

Wednesday 14th August: After undergoing immense change in recent years thanks to the digital age, the arena of indie music production has climbed to even greater heights courtesy of, a platform which allows independent artists to upload their productions and get noticed like never before. Despite still being in its infancy, over 30,000 bands, singers, and producers have already seen the benefits. With numbers increasing by the day, the face of independent music is changing forever.

Artists From Over 2,000 Genres

The concept of music being consumed online is hardly anything new, but the mainstream options remain a little restrictive. Indiesound offers an alternative option for listeners by boasting a catalogue of songs created by independent artists from over 2,000 genres. Whatever type of music a person is in to, they'll be able to find their next favourite band or singer all under one roof. It's exciting for the listener and even better for the artists.

Unlike uploading directly to YouTube, where you'll only get found by people that are already aware of the artist or song, Indiesound lets users search through different types of music before finding the song or artist that they think is worth investing their time into. For an artist, this creates a far more level playing field.

Furthermore, it allows musicians to promote their YouTube channels and other feeds so that - once they've been discovered - fans can truly follow their progress and stay updated with the latest developments. Meanwhile, promotion provided by the community can see the following grow even faster.

For fans and artists alike, Indiesound truly is a game-changer. Given its popularity and traction, things look set only to get bigger and better.

A Truly Modern Approach To Music

Indiesound is ultra modern in its approach to independent music, and not only in the fact that it provides undiscovered talent with a voice. IndieSound allows artists to upload music from their computers, tablets, smartphones, and virtually any other device with ease.

Likewise, exploring music, connecting with fans, and building connections with other artists has never been simpler. For music fans (and talent scouts) Indiesound is the most exciting platform to hit the market in years. For artists, it truly puts the power in the artist's pocket to make that journey to stardom just a little bit smoother.

After a truly incredible first year, the future looks bright for indie music's newest giant.

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