Indianapolis Mold Remediators Kicks Off Their Mold Allergy Campaign reports mold leads to many health problems, especially in those who are very young, elderly, or have other health issues.

Mold lives anywhere and may be present in one's home or office. Although many assume mold is basically harmless, for those with a mold allergy, this fungus may be very dangerous, as it can lead to swollen eyelids, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. In addition, indoor pollution tends to be much higher than outdoor pollution, in some cases 100 times higher. Anyone with mold in their home or office needs to look into Mold remediation Indianapolis immediately.

"Mold hides in the home, leading many to believe their symptoms aren't caused by fungus, yet mold remains a major issue. Although it is true that mold lives everywhere and humans breathe in mold spores every day, when a person is sensitive to the spores, symptoms develop. The very young and the elderly are particularly susceptible to this problem," Carl Thomas of Indianapolis Mold Remediators declares.

When one suspects this is the cause of their health issues, mold testing indianapolis needs to be completed immediately. In addition to mold testing, the team at Indianapolis Mold Remediators looks to identify the root of the problem. For some, the mold develops as a result of inadequate ventilation, while others find the mold is the result of leaks or water damage. Indianapolis Mold Remediators remains committed to solving the problem once and for all, which is why this process is of such importance.

Thomas explains one cannot understand how mold allergies affect a person's life, unless they have actually experienced the symptoms. Sneezing, coughing, and postnasal drip are signs of many allergies. Those sensitive to mold may also find their eyes tend to water, they have a stuffy or runny nose, and their eyes, nose and throat may itch. For those with asthma, the symptoms tend to be more severe and include shortness of breath, wheezing, and/or chest tightness.

Once the problem has been identified, the team at Indianapolis Mold Remediators sits down with the occupants of the home or office to discuss possible remedies and to identify any other contributing factors. Following this consultation, the team goes into action. Each home or office receives a personalized plan, which may include the use of air subscribers, purification systems, and industrial-grade bleach. This is one task no property owner should take on alone, due to the dangers associated with mold.

"If a homeowner believes there is mold in the home, he or she needs to contact us immediately. The customer service team remains ready and willing to help with any questions and inquiries, and the sooner this mold is removed, the sooner one begins to see an improvement in their health. Life returns to normal and everyone benefits, so call or e-mail Indianapolis Mold Remediators today" Thomas states.

About Indianapolis Mold Remediators:

Indianapolis Mold Remediators understand the dangers of mold inside a building and the health risks mold presents. They have been assisting clients since 1982 in the removal of mold and fully understand microbiology and mycology. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of protocols involving the remediation of mold, the team uses a three step process to bring properties back to tip-top shape. First, they identify the root of the problem before consulting with occupants to identify any other issues. Finally, the mold is cleaned using the latest tools to ensure the job is done right.

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