Indianapolis-based CoinCoffee, LLC. Launches The World’s First Premium Crypto Coffee

CoinCoffee, LLC. is an American company that seeks to disrupt the coffee category by launching the world’s first premium crypto coffee smart contract token on the Solana Blockchain.

Among thousands of emerging crypto projects, none stand out as CoinCoffee, LLC. This project is launching the world’s first premium crypto coffee and aims to reshape the landscape of the coffee industry by introducing the CoinCoffee token & NFT’s.

The project’s leaders point out that they wish to make IPO investments more approachable and quality coffee more accessible, stating:

“When it comes to traditional IPO investments, the average consumer is faced with a barrier to getting in at the ground floor because that is typically reserved for investment bankers. CoinCoffee is disrupting this model by making the ground level (the pre-sale and initial coin offering) easily accessible to all its customers when a bag of CoinCoffee is purchased.”

CoinCoffee, LLC. introduces the Blockchain “O.G.,” an organic medium roast coffee with notes of chocolate and brown sugar, as well as the Rocket Fuel, which is a double-caffeinated dark roast brew with an earthy aroma. Both products can be ordered in whole bean and ground variants.

Customers can order CoinCoffee LLC products online by selecting the coffee flavor and packaging size. CoinCoffee LLC accepts traditional and crypto payments.

The project’s leaders emphasize that “buying a bag of CoinCoffee automatically adds customers to a list to be notified of the details just by scanning the barcode on the bag. It allows each customer to participate in the pre-sale and initial coin offering of our token.”

By creating convenient whitelists, CoinCoffee strives to build a community of coffee enthusiasts and “remove the barriers long-coveted by investment bankers.” With the launch of its smart contract token, CoinCoffee strives to improve fair-trade by funneling a portion of its revenue back to the farmers within its supply chain and plans to launch retail coffee shops in every major city, making mainstream crypto adoption more accessible.

CoinCoffee, LLC. was soft-launched in the final months of 2021, during which time the project solidified its Blockchain partnerships and developed smart contracts. With CoinCoffee products already available, thousands are eagerly waiting for the arrival of CoinCoffee tokens & NFT’s.

More information about CoinCoffee, LLC. is available on the brand’s official website.

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