Independent Test Shows Up To 67% FOS in Ballena Nelle Yacon Syrup

Ballena Nelle, a health supplement company based in Nevada, receives third party test results confirming up to 67% FOS content in its pure raw yacon syrup.

The company announced that the test from a production run in December 2013 shows the highest FOS content of any yacon syrup they are aware of.

Tess Mckay, spokesperson for Ballena Nelle, explained that FOS is the inulin fibre that makes yacon so healthy and is the ingredient that makes it a valuable weight loss supplement for some people.

“The level of FOS in a yacon product is a real measure of its quality” said McKay. “Some companies market a blend but we don't dilute our product with anything – it is 100% pure yacon syrup. A quality yacon syrup will normally contain approximately 50% FOS so we're thrilled that we have exceeded that.”

Although Yacon has one of the highest concentrations of FOS, it can be variable and some products have levels as low as 20%. FOS content is determined by such factors as the location of the yacon crop, the length of growing season, amount of sunlight and the method of processing.

Ballena Nelle identified a high natural FOS content as a key measure of quality and adopted a processing method to ensure maximum results.

Our syrup is harvested from the yacon tubers by cold pressing, filtering and then using a low temperature evaporation process” explained McKay. “This allows us to harvest all the inulin fibre in the yacon tubers so our product is completely natural and none of the FOS is destroyed through heat. The process is longer than others, however we believe it produces the best quality.”

The company says the attention to quality has paid off and is the reason for such a high FOS content. Customer Reviews have also been extremely positive. “We use Amazon for all our fulfillment and many of our customers have published reviews of this product so we know they value this quality” said McKay.

Yacon syrup has exploded in popularity in recent months, since it was featured as a healthy sugar substitute, metabolic booster and weight loss aid on the Dr Oz daytime TV show.

Ballena Nelle launched its yacon syrup product in December 2013 based on a recommendation from its naturopath advisory board. All its products are manufactured in U.S. USDA inspected and GMP certified facilities. For more information please visit

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