Independent Rapper Looks to Expand His Honest Abe Brand

Jacob Aberle, an independent rapper from Madison, WI, has recently announced plans to expand his unique Honest Abe brand.

Madison, WI – An independent rapper from Madison in Wisconsin has recently announced plans to expand his unique musical brand, which is the Honest Abe Music brand. The rapper, Jacob Aberle, creates music that aims to capture the energy of heavy metal and hard rock, mixing it up with witty metaphorical flowing poetry and hard hitting beats.

The Madison hip hop artist uses his music to express his feelings about issues that he holds dear and which play an important part in his life. His lyrical rap is designed to appeal to many and by expanding the brand the artist hopes to bring his music to an ever increasing number of music fans. He is now set to be featured on an up and coming mixtape called "Monsters of the Midwest: Vol.1"

For the past eight years, Jacob has been writing, singing and producing music, having been brought up on it from a young age. As a child he was a member of the Madison Boy Choir and his interest in music has remained constant ever since.

Speaking about his music roots and inspiration, the rapper said: "I've lived in a lot of culturally drastic settings and have evolved as a person a little differently than most might have. The stylized underground music I create is a reflection of what I've analyzed socially, culturally and consciously during my lifetime. This lyrical rap art form helps release tension and chaos but is also very beautiful in its own right. My time as a youngster was devoted to music and having fun; it still is today except with a whole lot more responsibility added. I always remember where I came from and am very appreciative of all the wonderful people in my life."

The Honest Abe brand has already received a lot of praise, with the singer having now made it to the top of the charts on Reverbnation for his city.

About Jacob Aberle
Jacob Aberle is an independent music artist with a unique style and brand of music. He comes from Madison, Wisconsin and his unique brand is called Honest Abe.

Contact Info:
Name: Jake Aberle a.k.a
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Address: Jacob Aberle, 1922 Shelley Ln. Madison, Wisconsin 53704, United States
Phone: 608-240-9266

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