Inbox Blueprint Review Examining Anik Singal's Email Marketing Course Released by Mohamed Mnafeg

The GuruReviews study firm just recently released a comprehensive review of Inbox Blueprint 2.0, an email marketing course designed by Anik Singal.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is the newest version of the popular course developed by Anik Singal in 2013 and labeled as a simple business model that sold more than $100 million worth of digital products .

Anik Singal is one of the most prominent personalities in the Internet marketing industry. He was very successful in establishing a massive online business empire that continues to earn a fortune. Anik was featured in bit TV networks like CNN where he shared his successful accomplishments with millions of people worldwide.

According to Mohamed Mnafeg, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a complete training course which aims to train marketers about email marketing. The module consists of lessons and videos along with live case study especially made for start-up email marketing professionals. It contains the exact formula of Anik Singal on how to build a multi-million dollar web-based empire.

“Majority of affiliate courses and books in Internet marketing demonstrate unreliable techniques in generating commissions. Besides, many of these contain so-called black hat strategies,” Mohamed Mnafeg stated. On the other hand, Anik teaches marketers long-term affiliate strategies. “One example is to provide major search engines like Google and Yahoo with premium content and building high-quality links instead of espousing temporary black hat tactics,” he added.

The review also mentioned that in Anik’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0, he disclosed different advertising approaches rather than depending on a single source of income. By promoting several products and utilizing numerous sources of traffic and leads, marketing professionals and online entrepreneurs can protect themselves from unnecessary losses in case the goods, services or brands they promote is withdrawn or competitors pose a big threat.

Mohamed Mnafeg singled out a unique strategy coming from Anik wherein the guru eagerly suggests creating an email list for positioning as an authority. This will give online enterprises the opportunity to build strong relationships and market to potential customers.

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Mohamed Mnafeg commented on each of the eight modules in his detailed review of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

He referred to Module 1 (The Addiction Meter) as an aggregate of 11 step-by-step measures in researching and selecting a business niche that will surely make money from email marketing.

He also said Module 2 (The Bait) educates marketers on the best mode of creating effective opt-in pages that can transform visitors to loyal subscribers. These emanate from design and content writing. It also contains a free offer to attract subscribers. One does not have to be a web designer to be able to do all these things.

Based on the review, Module 3 (TYP Method) of the Inbox Blueprint reveals a secret method for revenue generation. This can help pay for startup costs while Module 4 (The Email Machine Overview) is one way of discovering tools for efficient of email lists and monitoring of key statistics. It is one way of finding out how subscribers interact with marketers’ emails.

Module 5 is all about Emails and List Relationship. It teaches email strategies that Anik used to engender his lucrative ventures. The course participants are educated on how to compose various forms of emails and automate messages with one potent tool. Module 6 (Payday Secrets) is a step-by-step procedure in finding solid offers for promotions and winning strategies for monetization.

In the Module 7 (The Easy Traffic) Inbox Blueprint, students are taught how to come up with FREE and PAID traffic to the email marketing machine. Without traffic, the funnel will be worthless so it is important to create as much traffic as possible because this brings in more money.

Finally, Module 8 or Unlimited Success, Anik discloses valuable metrics that will make email marketing initiatives more rewarding. There are also tried-and-true methods capable of overcoming common challenges confronting email marketers.

Based on the Inbox Blueprint review, this course was conceived around several video clips that introduce participants to the core principles of email marketing, writing effective sales letters, and formulating quality squeeze pages. These are pages that capture opt-in email addresses for marketing campaigns. They utilize popular content sites which include YouTube to sell Click bank products or the student's personal brand. On top of this, the program also supplies learners with basic software tool that creates useful squeeze pages. It also helps in obtaining subscribers for the email marketing pages of students. 

Mohamed Mnafeg’s review also revealed that Anik Singh founded The Affiliate Classroom in 2004. He is an affiliate training consultant well-versed in search engine optimization or SEO, Pay per Click strategies, and website monetization. At the same time, Anik operates and maintains the widely held PPC Classroom and Launch Tree membership sites helping web marketers with innovative information on PPC advertising and product launches.

Anik Singal markets an assortment of products and services which are usually categorized into step-by-step format. There are also additional bonuses for those who avail of the Inbox Blueprint 2.0. He also offers follow-up training in the form of audio interviews, tele-seminars, webinars, and Q&A sessions so customers are always updated.

For those wanting a complete review of the program can visit Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review website and take advantage of the Bonus. The review is available at the following url:

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