In New Features, Deep Fry Me Names the Top Deep Fryers and Air Fryers of 2016

From compact, easily stowed deep fryers to innovative air fryers and low-fat devices, new guides show how the 2016 market has something for everyone, Deep Fry Me reports

Deep Fry Me, the Internet's leading authority on deep fryers, air fryers, and related subjects, published two brand new guides to the best fryers on the market for 2016. Readers can find out about the top ten traditional, deep-fat fryers at the present time, ranging from the compact, oil-efficient Presto GranPappy to the MasterBuilt XXL Butterball series, with the largest unit in the family accommodating a 14-pound turkey.

Deep Fry Me visitors seeking to Know more cabout the top air fryers today will likewise enjoy reading about everything from the popular Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer to the healthful T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry that successfully bridges the gap with deep-fat fryers. As those who click here will see, Deep Fry Me has a wealth of useful, exclusive content to offer, from features like the newly released guides to recipes, tips, and more.

"Like so many other people, we love fried food, and we started this site with the goal of teaching our visitors how easy and rewarding it can be to make and enjoy it at home," Deep Fry Me founder Rita Lee said, "The response we've received since launching Deep Fry Me has been truly gratifying, and we can't thank the enthusiastic members of our community enough. We think our new guides to the top fryers of 2016 are going to be a couple of our most successful features yet, and we invite all who are interested to stop by and have a look. As always, we're going to keep publishing the kind of content that makes it easy for our readers to cook and enjoy healthful, delicious fried food of their own."

For many people today, fried foods are an occasional treat enjoyed when eating out at establishments equipped with commercial-grade deep fryers and other specialized equipment of the kind. The fact is that there is a huge range of high-quality deep-frying gear aimed at home users, though, along with a large selection of so-called "air frying" appliances that aim to minimize the fat used in cooking while delivering similar results.

Deep Fry Me was founded to create a centralized, authoritative destination for all who are interested in exploring such possibilities. With a large and steadily growing collection of reviews, recipes, and tips, the site informs readers about everything from traditional dishes like deep-fried chicken; to modern, healthful alternatives that make use of low-fat air frying; to specialized projects like the deep frying of whole turkeys.

Thanks to the usefulness and engaging nature of the site's content, it has quickly become a top destination for all who love fried foods. With the publication of the new Deep Fry Me guides to the top deep-fat and air-based fryers on the market today, the website becomes an even more valuable resource.

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