In Home Skilled Nursing San Diego, Agency Shares 3 Ways Seniors Can Be Healthier

Skilled Nursing Agency Serving San Diego, Firstat Nursing Services, Participates in National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Publishes “3 Ways Seniors Can Get Started and Begin Living Healthier.”

Firstat Nursing Services, a San Diego home health and in home skilled nursing agency publishes “Three Ways Seniors Can Get Started and Begin Living Healthier.”

“In order to focus on the needs of seniors and help elderly people and their loved ones find better ways of staying fit and active, local organizations all across the nation are coming together to host National Senior Health & Fitness Day on May 27, 2015,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA.

“People can find out more about how to participate on that day at the fitness day website. However, senior health & fitness can become a year round practice with just a few easy adjustments to daily life,” continued Goodrich. Here are 3 ways seniors can get started and begin to live healthier.

Get Help with Daily Exercise Programs – Even a little exercise every day can help an elderly person get moving again. For some, it seems more dangerous to exercise than to just sit on a couch and stay safe. Unfortunately, the drawback to staying safe is a deterioration of muscles that happens swiftly and makes even simple actions hazardous. Talking to a physician or physical therapist can help elderly people learn more about simple, easy to do exercises that they can begin to do even from a chair that will get their muscles moving.

As the exercises are done regularly, muscle strength will begin to return enough that a senior may be able to begin slightly more vigorous exercises or walking regimens. Some simple exercises can even be found online, and family members may be able to help their loved ones find them. Before attempting any exercises a senior citizen should talk with their doctor.

Find Out About Community Transportation – Seniors that have a hard time getting out because they have a hard time operating an automobile, or getting into a taxi or bus may be able to find community services that provide special transportation geared toward helping senior citizens get to appointments, stores or nearby events. Getting out and socializing with others in the same age group, being able to perform simple daily functions or getting to physicians appointments is not only important physically but mentally as well.

Get Help with Daily Living from In Home Skilled Nurses San Diego – A qualified home care service that provides nursing staff to meet with and care for elderly individuals can make it possible for older people to stay in their own homes. The ability to live on their own, even with the help of a skilled nursing provider is a boost to elderly loved ones. When they can stay at home, an elderly person doesn’t feel like they are in the way, or a burden on family members, and they can remain close to where they raised their own families.

Family members can get help for their elderly loved ones so that they have the peace of mind in knowing that the senior citizens in their lives have healthy food choices, help maintaining daily hygiene, help with chores and a trained individual to assist the older person in getting the exercise they need safely.

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