In Home Skilled Nursing Rancho Bernardo Gives New Year’s Advice to Seniors

Skilled Nursing Agency Serving Rancho Bernardo, Firstat Nursing Services, Publishes 3 Ways Senior Citizens Can Enjoy Successful New Year’s Resolutions.

Firstat Nursing Services, a Rancho Bernardo home health and in home care agency, publishes 3 Ways Senior Citizens Can Enjoy Successful New Year’s Resolutions.

“Keeping seniors healthy and living a full and happy life doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though people find daily struggles more challenging as they age, there are simple things everyone can do to provide a better, more fulfilling life for themselves as they age,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA. Here are 3 ways home health care can help seniors be successful in keeping New Year’s resolutions for a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Right and Exercise More

Eating better and getting more exercise are the top New Year’s resolutions regardless of age. For senior citizens these two simple acts of healthier living can be among the most challenging ones, however. A home health care nurse who comes to the house daily can make sure seniors are getting the best foods, made in a safe and healthy way.

Visiting nurse services can also provide helpful insights to the best exercises for seniors. They will help senior citizens do the exercises in the safest ways. Visiting nurses can also get senior citizens outside for a walk in the fresh air and help them do the things they love such as simple gardening or visiting with neighbors.

Create a Safe Living Environment

Living in their own home is an important part of life for many seniors. They have memories there, and it gives them a sense of independence. The home can be a dangerous place for an elderly person alone, however. A home health care nurse can help seniors create a safe environment in their homes.

A visiting nurse will make sure the senior is eating properly, assist in daily hygiene and keep track of their health. When visiting, the home health care nurse can keep in contact with the senior’s physician and let them know of any changes in vital signs or attitude to make sure the elderly person is getting the best medical attention.

Build Better Relationships

People of all ages need to feel connected to those they love. The separation that can occur when elderly people are limited in their mobility or ability to commute is a serious problem that can lead to depression and anxiety in senior citizens.

Home health care nurses can keep seniors active, get them out to community activities and even get them to nearby family gatherings, so they feel in touch with the people closest to them. A visiting nurse can help an elderly patient make daily or weekly calls to distant relatives or write letters and email cherished family members to stay in touch.

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