In Home Skilled Nursing La Jolla, Agency Shares Tips for National Nutrition Month

Skilled Nursing Agency Serving La Jolla, Firstat Nursing Services, Publishes 3 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Eating Habits For Better Nutrition

Firstat Nursing Services, a La Jolla home health and in home skilled nursing agency publishes 3 Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Eating Habits For Better Nutrition.

“Eating properly is very important for senior citizens, but it is one of the most overlooked aspects in elderly people’s lives. As a senior’s ability to move about decreases, so does their tendency to eat correctly,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA. Here are three ways seniors can improve their eating habits for better nutrition.

Talk to a Physician – The first place seniors can start when looking for ways to make sure they get the proper nutrition is their physician. Talking to a doctor will help guide seniors in making the right food choices as well as understanding calorie levels and how those levels change as people get older.

Visit the Dentist Regularly – One of the more common problems seniors have with getting the right nutrition is caused by dental problems. Losing teeth, sores in the mouth and loss of taste all make it harder to eat certain foods and may cause a loss of appetite in older people. Getting to the dentist regularly to fix dental problems and address possible medical causes for appetite problems can help seniors enjoy the foods they love that have the proper nutritional values they need for good health.

Getting Help to Provide Good Nutrition for Seniors – In Home Skilled Nursing La Jolla can help seniors get the nutrition they deserve without worry. A qualified home nursing service will give the clients the degree of care they need whether it is routine visits to perform minor functions such as fixing meals or helping with hygiene or live in help for full-time care.

Having a nurse helping at home lets senior citizens live in the homes they love while providing meals in a safe environment. A visiting nurse can provide important nutritional advice, cook and keep their senior clients safe from falls and spills in the kitchen, so they get the best in nutrition at all times.

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