In Home Skilled Nursing Del Mar, Shares How Home Nursing Helps Senior Men

Skilled Nursing Agency Serving San Diego, Firstat Nursing Services, Participates in National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Publishes “Three Ways Home Skilled Nursing Can Help Senior Men Improve Their Health.”

Firstat Nursing Services, a Del Mar home health and in home skilled nursing agency publishes “Three Ways Home Skilled Nursing Can Help Senior Men Improve Their Health.”

“Thanks in large part to programs such as Men’s Health Month that were begun to help men expand their life expectancy, senior men are living longer healthier lives,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA.

“In spite of that, aging presents its own problems and dangers that men need to be aware of and prevent. Having in-home skilled nursing help is a great way for people and their loved ones to be sure getting older isn’t a danger in itself,” continued Goodrich. Here are 3 ways home skilled nursing can help senior men improve their health and stay safe.

Get Regular Cancer Screening – Prostate and colon cancers are two of the biggest concerns for aging men. A skilled nurse will keep on top of regular screening dates to make sure their patients are getting to their appointments. They are also helpful in guiding senior men in health habits that prevent or decrease the risks of such cancers such as helping them eat properly, avoid carcinogens in external materials and stop smoking and drinking.

Get Healthy Exercise – The Health in Aging organization claims walking is the safest, most effective exercise for senior citizens. When senior men walk daily they can reduce their risks for several of the issues that typically plague older individuals such as obesity, heart disease, stroke and even osteoporosis. When starting a walking routine, talk to a physician to make sure there are no physical blocks to walking safely.

A home skilled nursing service can provide trained, professional help for senior men to get out and get the exercise they need in a protected, safe way. A skilled nurse will make sure the exercise routine is not causing undue stress, help elderly individuals keep their balance and safeguard against falls. They will also make sure an elderly patient is wearing the appropriate gear such as comfortable and good fitting shoes.

Stay Independent with In Home Skilled Nursing in Del Mar – A recent study published by “The Aging Male” said that men entering their senior years were most worried about losing independence. This is more than just a trivial concern. Losing independence for elderly people can trigger depression, stress and anxiety that reduce the quality of life and may even cause some physical illnesses.

A skilled nurse can help senior men live in their homes longer and enjoy the benefits of independence in a safe environment. By providing the help that makes sure their senior patients remain in good physical health, making sure they are eating properly, providing hygiene care and making sure the home itself is safe, home skilled nursing care makes it possible for men to stay in the homes they created.

A home nursing service can be arranged for a few hours a day or 24-hour care. Having a skilled nurse available helps alleviate many of the fears elderly men have about getting older such as loss of muscle and strength, falling and memory loss. A skilled nurse will also help patients remember proper medication and make sure they are following prescribed treatment and rehabilitation schedules.

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