In Home Infusion Brings Mobile IV Drip Therapies for Dehydration, Immunity and Other Common Ailments

Mobile IV infusion at home by qualified nurses offers relief from dehydration, fatigue, flu and other common ailments.

Intravenous fluids offer quick respite from several common maladies, such as dehydration or fatigue. IV fluids are also a convenient way to get multi-vitamin doses. To bring IV therapy right at home and take away the hassle of visits to hospitals and clinics, In Home Infusion offers its mobile IV drip service through registered and screened nurses.

The home IV drip service is one of its kind, providing professional IV therapies at the doorstep whenever required. IV drip therapies can be requested by anyone feeling fatigued, plagued with cold and flu, or having migraine pain.

From hydration and immunity building to hangovers, flu, and weight loss, there is an IV therapy waiting to be delivered quickly and right at home. Clients can request for their chosen therapy by filling up a few forms, and after a quick health checkup, received the IV drip, with the entire processing taking 30 minutes to 1 hour.

IV drip infusion is helpful in quickly treating dehydration, or supplementing one’s energy levels. There are specific therapies for boosting immunity as well. The Awake therapy is good for staying awake with IV fluids containing Vitamin B12, Vitamin B complex, and Taurine. For Cold & Flu IV fluids containing Vitamin B12, Vitamin B complex, Glutathione, Zinc, and Toradol are given. Food poisoning and Stomach Flu therapy is done with 1,000 mL of IV fluids with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Zinc, Pepcid, and Zofran.

“All of our vitamins are FDA approved and go through high levels of testing. All IVs are administered by a registered nurse and performed under a medical director. Before a client receives IV therapy, their health history is evaluated,” said a spokesperson for In Home Infusion.

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In Home Infusion charges affordable fees for sending nurse specialists at home. To request for a therapy, clients can fill up an online questionnaire. All nurses are registered with relevant state Board of Registered Nursing. The on-location mobile IV drip therapies are currently available in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino counties.

In Home Infusion was founded with the belief that all individuals should have access to high quality intravenous (IV) therapy services at affordable rates. Based in Los Angeles, California, we aim to have a well-rounded team of responsive and responsible individuals that have a sense and understanding of community and personal culture. For more information, please visit:

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