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Recently launched Cloud Movie Machine creates buzz in web marketing circles. Hanif Quentino releases exclusive Cloud Movie Machine bonus. Google issues report that Mobile Video views on the rise.

The recently launched Cloud Movie Machine, explained at, is creating buzz in web marketing circles due to its claim of being a completely web-based 'movie creation' tool that requires no special skills or resources. The launch of Cloud Moview is well-timed to captialize the findings of a new report showing that Mobile Video is on the rise, 30 points higher than Desktop.

A controversial 'Cloud Movie Machine' guide has been posted by web marketing consultant Hanif Quentino, who is an expert in Search engine optimization and advanced monetization strategies. Hanif's complete guide and Cloud Movie Machine bonus can be viewed here:

Cloud Movie Machine is a web-based video creation tool that allows users to create 'movie style' videos from the cloud, without needing to install software. It comes with ready-made templates and design tools that make it easy for beginners to create Professional videos. Cloud Movie Machine users are advised to stay up-to-date with video marketing trends, such as Google's recent announcement based on their research showing that 56% of online display ad weren't even seen. This baffling news has been consistent even with older studies, and statistics has shown that more than half of these online ads remain unseen.

Unfortunately, many advertisers are still paying for these unseen or phantom impressions. However, newer studies have shown that ads become more viewable when and have seen a tremendous increase in visibility lately. A video advertisement is considered viewable when 50% of the ad's pixels are seen for two consecutive seconds the least.

Recently, Google released a follow-up report on their viewability research which partly promotes its 'Active View'. This is a measurement technology, and its aim is to promote partly and inform advertisers that YouTube has higher viewability rates as compared to the industry average. The majority of rates were detected to have been from mobile users.

According to the same study, viewability of video ads has shown to have better results as compared to the typical general display many advertisers have been pushing. Google found out, according to latest statistics that general ad displays sum up to a viewability percentage of 51. Ads shown on YouTube, on the other hand, has shown that 91% of these ads were viewable - and this is why Google has bee pushing through video ads especially in terms of increased brand visibility and online marketing and awareness.

There is no surprise that Google has mentioned that one's page position also has a huge impact towards the ad's visibility and viewability. Just like any other page, an advertisement with high position in search engines are said to have more views. This is another reason why video advertisements make an enormous impact towards viewability, and surprisingly enough, the majority of these views came from mobile users.

Google has reiterated that YouTube hosts the majority of video streams, and most of their videos are also made available for mobile viewing. Overall, YouTube boasts that mobile viewability on YouTube is 91%, 30 points higher than desktop views.

It has been said that many businesses are transitioning to newer ad strategies, and part of it includes targeting a large percentage of mobile users. These statistics gave many advertisers a new approach in helping them accelerate their marketing efforts.

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