In Bloom Not Broken - Highlighting Mental Health and Related Treatment.

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Woman who was once told her life was "Boring, Empty and Pointless" by psychiatrist writes book to offer insight in to mental illness and offer hope to those struggling.

Katie Maylea from Birmingham, West Midlands who was once told her life was "Boring, empty and pointless" by a consultant psychiatrist and who has battled the mental health system for most of her adult life has gone on to publish her story "In Bloom Not Broken" to offer insight in to mental illness and to offer hope to those struggling that things can get better, even when that seems impossible - If you just hold on.

Katie, who has received a Lord Mayor award recently for her efforts to raise awareness on mental illness wanted to share her story, not only to offer hope to those affected by ill mental health but to also offer a story that will raise awareness on the battle that can occur within the mental health system itself in the bid to get the correct treatment.

After battling with her mental health from age fourteen with self harm and depression which then led to Anorexia and then later down the line Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after experiencing a manic episode with psychotic features, planning to end her life and having been through six hospital admissions, Katie wants to share her story to show others that it is possible to come out the other side and raise awareness on the gaps in the treatment system.

Katie said " Raising awareness on mental health is something I am extremely passionate about. I want to show others that they are not alone with their feelings but I also want to raise awareness of the system itself. Good or bad treatment can literally make or break which I have found out so many times over the years and it is so important that that short comings are dealt with and changed. Once being told that "self harm was child's play and that my problem was that my life was "boring empty and pointless" by psychiatrists made me drop out of the system for years. Had this not happened, I probably would have got better a lot sooner. I wanted to write a book that was extremely honest, no heirs and graces and that challenged stigma"

The story "In Bloom Not Broken" guides the reader through Miss Maylea's life and in to the world of mental illness as someone fighting for her sanity, sharing diary excerpts and poems written at the time of struggling.

Katie now speaks openly about her mental health journey as has been involved in a variety of mental health campaigns and projects. She is now training to be a counsellor and volunteers for a mental health crisis text service.
She also blogs and vlogs about mental health related topics on her website where she also sends "Happy Post" free to those struggling with mental health issues.

In Bloom Not Broken is available in paperback and ebook formats on Amazon.

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