Launches AI Driven Import / Export Data Analytics Platform

ImportKey has launched a new US customs and trade data import / export data analytics tool and search engine to compete with the likes of and ImportGenius.

ImportKey is a brand new tool for buyers and suppliers to enable companies to make informed decisions in an ever-changing marketplace. The software is designed for intuitive use so any user can access all the data they need without having to make any effort. From identifying the supply chain relationships between millions of companies worldwide to keeping up with competitors, ImportKey could be the difference between a good year and a great year for any business.

Using an intuitive AI-driven software, ImportKey allows users to make informed decisions about potential business partners based on their trading data and through identifying patterns and trends emerging within the marketplace. The software reveals which companies are working together as well as the scale of their work. This helps customers find reliable suppliers and manufacturers but it also helps manufacturers identify potential customers, particularly those looking to expand. ImportKey doesn’t just identify potential partners, it also provides contact details so that any party can get in touch. Crucially, ImportKey also helps customers to avoid scams by doing their due diligence on new suppliers, buyers and shippers by examining their previous import records.

For manufacturers, ImportKey provides all the right tools manufacturers need to make intelligent investment decisions. The site lists a wide variety of products, including everything from furniture to toys. This allows any manufacturer to make the most of the site and compare metrics with other similar companies. Furthermore, using the insights provided, companies have a greater ability to assess and manage risk. With this in mind, companies can make smarter decisions about how they manage their own activities and how they might choose to expand.

Keeping an eye on the competition has never been more important and with insight on competitors’ activity, shipments and who their suppliers are, companies have never been so informed either. InsightKey uses millions of data points to help identify buyers and suppliers. However, instead of pages of numbers and text, InsightKey presents information using creative visualizations. This allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the information in an intuitive format.

For more information about ImportKey, please contact Joey Perez on +1 713 893 7869 or by email to Please check out their website for any further information.

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