Implants Nottingham Launches Revolutionary Dental Implant Procedures In The Midlands

Implants Nottingham has created a website to promote the use of dental implants as an alternative to dentures and bridges, providing a more technologically sophisticated solution.

Dentures are a better alternative than walking around with no teeth, but often not much better. Dentures can irritate the gums they sit upon and cause pain when compressed against these sensitive regions during chewing. Dentures can come loose and move around in the mouth, and increase the risk of infection. Dental Implants are a new alternative to dentures that use fixings implanted into the gum line to create secure replacements for individual teeth, pairs or whole sets. Implants Nottingham has created a website to promote this new development and address common misconceptions.

The website explains dental implant procedures, also known as osseo integration or bone fusion, in which titanium posts or screws are inserted into the jaw bone to provide a solid ‘root’ for the cosmetic tooth above. The transfer of force to the bone prevents pain and irritation in the gums, and the implants allow secure teeth to provide a perfect and permanent replacement set with a fraction of the maintenance required by dentures.

The site gives information on costs, how implants affect conditions like diabetes and smoking, how implants are undertaken abroad, single tooth versus multiple and whole-set implants, same day implants and more, so no matter what issue or rumour users may have heard they can find answers from Implants Nottingham.

A spokesperson for Implants Nottingham explained, “We have created this website in order to answer the many questions that this exciting new procedure has elicited from people contacting the clinic, so they can gain access to this information at their convenience and use it to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to book an appointment. We believe that dental implants represent a major leap forward in dentistry, but we understand they are not suitable in all cases. The website is being regularly updated as new questions arise, and individuals should feel free to contact us for a consultation.”

About Implants Nottingham:
Implants Nottingham is a dedicated cosmetic dental clinic that specialises in dental implant treatment in the region. With expert and highly qualified clinicians, users can expect to receive the very best care in comfortable and modern surroundings. Their website features a comprehensive resource center explaining every facet of the procedure.

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