Imperium Watches Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Make High Quality Watches Affordable

Imperium Watches is a new start-up that wants to change the game on high quality watches, making them affordable to all, and has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first product run.

The watch is a curious artefact of a bygone age. An analogue, mechanical, single-function device, it has nonetheless retained its value in the modern world thanks to its beauty and precision engineering, making it a piece of heritage jewellery and a status symbol in the modern era. For many, this means truly high quality, prestige watches are out of reach for most consumers, often costing thousands. Imperium Watches is a start-up that wants to help put prestige timepieces on the wrists of ordinary people the world over, and is aiming to fund this ambitious project through Kickstarter.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign is looking for $50,000 of initial investment to create a first product run of a broad range of collections, including the British Empire, Persian Empire and Roman Empire, each with unique features and design elements to ensure there is something for everyone. All of the designs can be previewed on the Imperium website.

What is consistent across all of the timepieces is the craftsmanship and quality of components. All watches will come in aluminium packaging, using sapphire crystal faces instead of glass, Swiss Movements for the mechanics, using beautiful full grain leather for the straps. This will all be combined by watchmakers with over a decade of experience. These watches are the lowest priced watches in Kickstarter history for this premium level of manufacture.

A spokesperson for Imperium Watches explained, “We have made the decision to try and raise our initial investment funding through Kickstarter so that we can stand by the principles that informed why we started this venture in the first place. We want to democratize prestige timepieces, and Kickstarter is the most democratic way of raising funding, where we are answerable only to our customers, and not to investors who will seek to maximize profits ahead of delivering great products at great prices.”

About Imperium Watches: Imperium Watches is a startup looking to disrupt the luxury watch industry by providing the highest quality premium watches at affordable prices for a whole new customer base. They want to bring prestige timepieces to the average consumer, and do so by offer beautiful designs without expensive showrooms and endorsements to drive up their overheads.

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