Immune System Booster for Women, Men & Children Supports Optimal Health

Enviromedica recently launched Immunoflora with LC-Plasma for Advanced Immune Care, an immune system booster now helping users achieve optimal health. This immune system booster for women, men and children is now available on Amazon.

Enviromedica is pleased to reveal that its new product, Immunoflora, has made an impressive start on Amazon. An innovative natural health and wellness company, Enviromedica offers a wide range of products reflecting symbiotic combinations that occur in nature, utilizing only the purest ingredients from around the world. The company’s new immune system booster for women and men provides innate and adaptive defense immune support with LC-plasma.

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According to Enviromedica, Immunoflora supplements support optimal health by assisting the natural, innate and adaptive immune systems. The addition of prebiotic, Larch arabinogalactan, helps users gain gut and immune health at the same time. This immune system booster men contains no dairy, gluten, corn, sugar, soy or tree nuts.

The innate immune system is the body’s first line of defense against germs entering the body. It responds in the same way to all germs and foreign substances, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the “nonspecific” immune system. It acts very quickly but has only limited power to stop germs from spreading. The adaptive immune system is slower to respond but is more accurate. It specifically targets the type of germ that is causing the infection.

To deliver the best immune system booster, Immunoflora has been formulated to broadly bolster immune health by activating the innate and adaptive immune system and is supported by nine human clinical trials. Immune health status, general resiliency, and digestive function are the most often reported benefits upon initial use. Additional research also suggests that Immunoflora may support work productivity and skin health.

Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) is a novel, heat-killed paraprobiotic shown to uniquely activate pDCs (plasmacytoid dendritic cells), the immune system’s master regulators. Through priming these critical immune cells, LC-Plasma proactively supports the body’s appropriate response to immune challenges. Enviromedica informs that Immunoflora contains 50 milligrams of LC-Plasma.

Immunoflora also contains the prebiotic, larch arabinogalactan, an ingredient that may increase intestinal bacteria, such as lactobacillus, and have other effects that could be beneficial to digestive tract health. Some studies also suggest larch arabinogalactan may boost the immune system.

“The immune system is a highly complex and interconnected system with two pathways to address foreign elements. The ‘innate’ arm of the immune system is our non-specific first line of defense that targets anything viewed as foreign in the body, whereas the ‘adaptive’ arm of the immune system is a specific response to a foreign element — essentially, an immune response that your body learns. In supporting both the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system, Immunoflora offers broad-spectrum support of these two critical arms,” said a spokesperson from Enviromedica.

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