Immune System Booster for Women and Men: Brand Reports Benefits

Enviromedica recently reported the benefits of its immune system booster for women and men. The naturally-derived immune supplement is formulated with LC-Plasma and Larch arabinogalactan to improve the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Well-respected health and wellness brand, Enviromedica recently reported the benefits of its Immunoflora supplement, an immune system booster for women and men. The brand continues to impress consumers by delivering superior formulations to reconnect and align the body with its genetic legacy.

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Formulated with the powerful paraprobiotic Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma), Immunoflora offers comprehensive immune support backed by scientific trials. “Our thoroughly tested immune system booster is formulated to broadly bolster immune health by activating both the innate and adaptive immune systems and is supported by nine human clinical trials,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Immune health status, general resiliency and digestive function are the most often-reported benefits upon initial use. Additional research also suggests that Immunoflora may support work productivity and skin health.”

Most probiotic supplements contain live microorganisms that require refrigeration to keep from expiring. Enviromedica’s immune-boosting supplement instead contains paraprobiotics, which are heat-killed bacteria that are shelf-stable for up to two years from the date of manufacture. Paraprobiotics also provide their own unique benefits, as explained by the company’s spokesperson. “When previously live probiotic cells are heat-killed, they release a complex soup of cellular metabolites, in what is essentially the cytoplasm from within the cells. These cellular metabolites act as biological response modifiers and can offer an excellent option to support one’s overall health and immune status,” the spokesperson says.

Immunoflora also contains Larch arabinogalactan, a healing prebiotic shown to nourish the gut by enriching it with beneficial flora. The prebiotic supports a healthy gut lining and provides overall immune system support. Both Larch arabinogalactan and LC-Plasma are naturally derived ingredients intended to work with the body to provide broad-spectrum optimization of immune health. The company explains further, “Ideally, the immune system is continually functioning as a well-tuned orchestra, active and able to respond with precision and speed when required to do so. In effect, Immunoflora is designed to keep the immune system ‘tuned’ to a responsive state despite life’s challenges.”

The immune system booster is attracting positive reviews on Amazon, as well. One customer writes, “I take this regularly to reinforce my immunity. It’s a simple thing I can do to keep myself supported. I simply take one capsule with water and go about my day. It doesn’t cause any negative side effects, and I feel a lot better about my health.”

Immunoflora is suitable for men, women and children and can be taken any time of day or night, with or without food. The supplement is also suitable for those with dietary restrictions. “There are no animal ingredients or dairy used in the culturing of the lactic acid bacteria contained in our best immune system booster, and the capsules are made of plant cellulose,” the spokesperson concludes.

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