I’m Insured Offers Updated info on the Latest Life Insurance and Critical Illness Packages

I’m Insured has recently published new information on forms of life insurance, including the new packages made available for cancer insurance.

Life insurance is a means by which people can protect their legacies from their own mortality, leaving a lump sum payout to help with funeral costs, children’s education or maintaining the continuity of the family home. Life insurance in fact does little to protect one’s life however, which is why people are increasingly looking toward other policies that cross over into the health insurance category. The latest of these is critical illness insurance, which provides financial insulation from the costs of treating cancer or other critical illnesses should a diagnosis be made. I’m Insured is a leading insurance consultancy site that has offered a detailed guide to both life insurance and critical illness insurance or cancer insurance as it can sometimes incorrectly be called.

In their life insurance article (http://www.im-insured.co.uk/our-products/life-insurance/) I’m Insured explain how to estimate the value of a parent in insurance terms, how to get lower initial premiums and how to include critical illness cover in a life insurance package. The alternative to doing so is to insure oneself against critical illnesses separately.

This is where their cancer insurance brief comes in (http://www.im-insured.co.uk/our-products/critical-illness-cover/cancer-insurance/), which can be packaged with life insurance care or secured individually depending on the circumstances. The article explains everything people could need to know, and explains that ABI+ policies are the ones to look out for, offering the most comprehensive coverage.

A spokesperson for I’m Insured explained, “Cancer affects more than one in three people at some point in their lives, so a bespoke insurance package protecting against a cancer diagnosis is not so fanciful as it may at first seem. Insurance policies can help people claim a tax free lump sum of money which could be spent on treatment and procedures, family provisions or even the holiday of a lifetime. However individuals must be careful to ensure the definitions of cancer covered by the policy meet their needs. We provide this and more information to help people get the best policy from the right provider.”

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