IHF LLC Plans Expansion Of Growing Land

As part of its well-organized plan to expand its product base and its hemp supply, IHF plans to plant half a million hemp seeds on 160 acres of new Colorado farming land in August.

Industrial Hemp Farms IHF LLC is pleased to announce that the company will be planting 500,000 hemp seeds on 160 acres of new land during the month of August. The IHF group will be acquiring the 160 acres in Colorado as a farming joint-venture. IHF LLC is a Colorado-based hemp farming wholesale company, which is using joint ventures as a tool in expanding its product base and availability to the wholesale marketplace.

In addition to the acquisition of this new acreage for the planting of hemp, IHF LLC also plans to further drastically increase its total acreage of hemp farming land in 2020. The business plan of IHF focuses on not only domestic plans but on the growth of its international presence as well, as was evidenced by the company's foray and contractual arrangements in Columbia. A contractual arrangement was made to expand the growing area and production of hemp plants there.

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The Industrial Hemp Farms company is a vertically integrated hemp farming and CBD wholesale company, focused on the seed to sale business model. The firm sells CBD hemp biomass to wholesale clients. They also extract hemp biomass into CBD crude, distillate and isolate. IHF LLC will be focusing on the production of premium quality CBD hemp flower, as well as hemp biomass. The company will be continuing its domestic CBD hemp production and farming over the next few months.

A spokesperson for the firm explained, “IHF LLC wholesales CBD hemp biomass and many different cultivars of clones and seeds. Our company also wholesales CBD distillate, T-Free, Decarboxylated Crude, Isolate and other cannabinoids produced at our extraction facility. We strongly believe in making deals, connections and contacts in the hemp industry. If you are a hemp farmer, wholesale buyer/seller or interested party, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your particulars.”

Further information about IHF is available at https://industrialhempfarms.com

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