If the shoe fits, it’s Awesome Shoes

The innovative children’s footwear specialist is taking huge steps towards changing the way we buy shoes.

London-based shoe company Awesome Shoes is actively changing the way parents buy shoes for their children thanks to innovative technology and concepts that bring the success of finding perfect fitting shoes to the online arena.

Revolutionising Online Footwear Shopping

The popularity of eCommerce and online shopping has grown at an exponential rate over the past decade, yet online sales still account for as little as 20% of all footwear sales, particularly when it comes to children’s shoes. The issue isn’t to do with pricing - it revolves around the fit.

Buying shoes at a traditional shop can be a frustrating experience for parents. The packed shop floors, long waits to get measured, and limited accuracy of the outdated Brannock Device can cause problems. Worse still, most shops only hold a limited selection of shoes in any given size.

Generally speaking, though, it remains a better solution than ordering shoes online only to find that they need returning. Awesome Shoes redefines the process of online footwear shopping.

The company asks parents to measure a child’s feet before returning the best and most suitable results from its extensive range of kids’ footwear. This guarantees the perfect fit for the child’s foot length, width, and arch to guarantee optimal comfort and style. Happy parents; happier children.

Eralp Bayram, co-founder of Awesome Shoes said: “We decided to put our brains together, and try and solve some of the challenges around helping parents buy shoes online for their kids. Our Size Finder technology that you see on the website today is the result of years and years of development work.”

Awesome Shoes For Every Occasion

As every parent knows, kids need multiple pairs of shoes for a range of occasions. Whether it’s school shoes, walking boots, sporting footwear, or garden shoes doesn’t matter. Finding a pair that provides the desired look, comfort, and function is vital. Awesome Shoes has the answer for every situation.

Thanks to its 10,000 square foot warehouse, the company boasts thousands of shoes in multiple styles including ankle boots, trainers, wellies, flip flops, sandals, and more. he range additionally includes brands such as adidas, Crocs, Kickers, Lelli Kelly, Sketchers and Vans.

Many of the shoes are available in multiple sizes from baby (C1-C4), infant (C4-C9), Kids (C10-2), Junior (3-8), and adult sizes. Further features like wide-fit shoes ensure that the perfect size can be selected every time.

About Awesome Shoes

Awesome Shoes is a London-based online shoe store primarily focused on revolutionising the way that families shop for children’s shoes by combining the accuracy of visiting a shoe shop with the convenience and options of digital purchases. In addition to shoes for girls and boys, the company sells a range of men’s and women’s footwear.

More information can be found at awesomeshoes.com. Alternatively, Awesome Shoes’ press contact Eralp Bayram can be reached at +44 20 3868 5772 or info@awesomeshoes.com. Postal queries may be addressed to 55 North Woolwich Road, London, E16 2AA.

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