If installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom, there are essential things to consider

Local bathroom renovation company provides homeowners with advice for their walk-in shower bathroom renovations

Walk-in showers are becoming very popular in interior design and bathroom renovations. They add aesthetics, style, convenience, and accessibility to the bathroom. But, while homeowners are jumping at the chance to install a walk-in shower, there are still some important things to consider besides bathroom renovation cost.

“We do a lot of walk-in shower bathroom renovations, but there’s a little more to them than one might think. We want to make sure homeowners are going to enjoy the bathroom and that it’s going to add value to their home,” said Roy Zalewski owner of Bathroom Brothers, a RenovationFind Certified Bathroom Renovation Company.

If you plan to sell, leave at least one bathtub
Converting a bathtub and shower combination into a walk-in shower is a popular renovation. However, those planning to sell their home in the future should make sure that at least one bathtub remains in the house. Not doing so can make it challenging to sell the home since most families will prefer a home with a bathtub. It will also exclude potential buyers who enjoy taking baths. Of course, if homeowners are renovating to age in place or it’s their forever home, this doesn’t apply.

Be thoughtful when renovating for accessibility
“Walk-in showers are better for those who need an accessible bathroom, but it’s important to design the shower to accommodate that homeowner’s specific needs. Not every walk-in shower is the same, so we try to work with the homeowner to make sure it has what they need for safety as well as enjoyment,” said Zalewski.

For example, most walk-in shower designs will have a little step that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. That might be an issue for some people. However, there are options to get around that. For example, you can have a glass panel wall with an opening on one end and a drain on the other. The opening acts as a door with no step.

Or, the tile floor can extend under the shower doors to create what’s called a wet room. With a slight slope to the drain, most water stays in the shower. If a little seeps out, it’s not a big deal.
You’ll also want to think about where to install things like grab bars and recessed niches. If the homeowner showers sitting down, they’ll need to be able to reach them.

Add natural lighting if possible
Natural lighting in a bathroom will create an airy, bright, and rejuvenating atmosphere. If the bathroom is on the upper level, consider a skylight or a solar tube light to let the sun in the walk-in shower. Alternatively, you can install a higher window or a frosted glass window in the shower.

“We work with each homeowner to pinpoint their specific needs. Our team is there to give advice and make sure that they’re happy with the results of their walk-in shower and bathroom renovations,” said Zalewski.

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