IELTS Course Launches New Course In The UK To Help With The NHS Staffing Crisis

Online IELTS is a London based company providing Online IELTS courses worldwide to students in over a 200 countries.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is an exam that is a pre-requisite for foreign students and professionals that must be taken prior to be getting a visa either for study or work in the UK, Canada and Australia. Online IELTS is an online IELTS preparation company offering online IELTS courses to ensure that only the best and highest skilled migrants come to the UK and the NHS crisis means that many foreign medical doctors and nurses are urgently required to fill the many vacancies available in the NHS.

While the topic of migration is extremely heated and contentious at the moment - courses such as these offer the opportunity to have the best and highest qualified students or workers in the UK. At present - it is a requirement to have at least a band 7 and 7.5 overall to register and take the medical exams required to work as a doctor in the UK. The NHS wants better qualified staff to provide excellent service to the UK's diverse population of over 50 million people. This is now the case, as the exam is incredibly tough and gruelling. For example: a band 7 to 8 is at almost proficiency level and the IELTS exam tests candidates in terms of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, all of which must be extremely high in order to get one of the desired band 7 that is required in order to study or work in the UK.

The Director of Online IELTS, Kunaal Tailor stated that: “The UK needs many more higher skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists. The Online IELTS courses ensure that only the highest qualified people come to the UK to work, as the exam is incredibly tough and the candidates must have an excellent command of English before coming to work in the UK."

Mr Tailor went on to add that literacy skills and spoken fluency is increasingly important, as medical practitioners could be negligent if doctors cannot understand their patients and vice versa. The government is aware of this and has been able to prevent such lower skilled migrants from entering and working in the UK. Moreover, universities in the UK are also increasingly seeking the best students, who are more likely to do well on the courses, rather than simply focusing on international fees and simply filling up places. This ensures that there are more spaces for UK born students and that foreign students are able to get the best education and take home the skills learnt in the UK or contribute to the British economy by working in the UK or other English speaking countries after graduation.

Online IELTS also only accepts the best students and this is why the course has managed to achieve a phenomenal pass rate of over 95% students achieving band 7 plus, as many of the students chosen are incredibly hard-working, diligent, motivated and focused. The course enables students worldwide to receive IELTS preparation online from any country around the world - students only need access to their emails, Skype for the speaking classes and an internet connection. The course can even be studied using a smartphone, tablet computers or laptop, as the materials can be viewed from anymore. Mr Tailor went on to add that British education is highly sought after, as the UK has a long standing reputation for high quality education. Moreover, at present the number of students overseas who want the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of highly qualified teachers from the UK is very high. Mr Tailor concluded by suggesting that: "The UK can be proud to offer our expertise and excellent teaching skills to students worldwide through the use of the internet."

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