Idol Lash Eyelash Growth Serum Announces 82% Thicker Eyelashes in as Little as Two Weeks

Idol Lash is the revolutionary way of creating a stunning eyelash effect by strengthening, lengthening and thickening the natural lash.

Most women use mascara to artificially add a sense of length and thickness of their eyelashes, because this effects frames and draws attention to the eye. Mascara comes with a great many drawbacks however, clumping eyelashes together, looking artificial and perishing over time. Idol Lash is a revolutionary new hair growth serum optimized for eyelashes that works exactly like mascara but with an authentic, natural result. The formula has been clinical proven to increase eyelash thickness by as much as 82%, and it is now readily available on the market.

Idol Lash eradicates the need for conventional mascara, false lashes and even processes like eyebrow tints, as the formula is effective on eyebrows as well as eyelashes. The formula begins to work immediately and between 2-4 weeks will have created the full effect.

The Idol Lash website is replete with a high quality image gallery of before and after photos, user testimonials and case studies to show how effective the formula can be even for those with blonde lashes, as it darkens as well as lengthening and thickening lashes.

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The product is already a favorite in the showbiz circles, with models, celebrities and singers using it to create the kind of lashes that catch the eye from a distance and captivate in a close up. With press coverage on CNN, MSNBC, USA Today and more, it is one of the most exciting beauty products ever released.

A spokesperson explained, “The formula uses a combination of natural ingredients and poly-peptides, together with vitamins and proteins that create a growth formula, supplying the hair follicles with everything they need to thrive and produce thicker, longer lashes. The major advantage of the product is that natural lashes are completely authentic, creating the striking look of mascara while appealing to the taste for natural beauty.”

About Idol Lash:
Idol Lash is a unique eyelash growth serum that will help users achieve more beautiful eyelashes that appear longer, darker and thicker. Proven to be effective within two to four weeks, enhancing users’ own natural eyelashes no matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse. It can increase eyelash density by up to 82%.

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