Ideas to increase legit extra income from home without risk

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Having an extra income at home can pay off big ... but you have to work hard.

Every day, we are bombarded with emails that make us dangle the fact that we can make income of $500 to $1000 per week or even per day at home! We must admit that income like that is practically impossible, but it is sometimes very tempting!

Mystery buyer
You must do business with a list of reliable and recognized companies. You can find a list on that lists verified companies with their website link. You don't become a millionaire doing this, but it can add a legit extra income from home to your budget.

Do not get involved if you have to shell out pennies to be part of the program. Some advertisements circulating on the Web promise to send you a (fraudulent) check. These are the cases where you have to go shopping in certain places that they select and tell you that they will return the “extra money” to you. Of course, your bank will call you eventually to tell you the bad news.

Paid survey sites
It's simple; you complete your registration giving as many details as possible if you wish to be selected. Some companies then send you regular surveys to complete. You can earn points for getting cash in the form of a check or gift certificate. Again, this is extra income, but it can be interesting for some people. Here is a list of reliable polls .

Just like mystery shopper businesses, you have to be careful.

Sell ​​your services online
Do you want to offer your translation, sewing or tax reporting services? You can register on classifieds sites, Facebook groups or specialized sites to promote your services. LinkedIn and its many groups can also be a way to promote you. Share the information with your friends and ask that they also share in their network to give you a boost.

Direct sale
There are many companies that you can sell products from home with. Amway, Avon, Arbonne, Epicure, Partylite, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Tocara, Younique, etc. You can make a lot of money, but like anything it takes a lot of work. Otherwise you can still make a good side income. You have the advantage of working with recognized brands, which will help you in your sales, and let you earn legit extra income from home.

Have an online store
Are you a craftsman, do you make unique creations or products and want to sell them? You can set up a small online store to sell them directly to customers, ideally, having a PayPal account or the equivalent. You have to advertise your product and possibly pay for advertising on Facebook, Google, or whatever.

Write a blog
Do you want to share your passion? You can create a blog and integrate advertising on it to make your site profitable. Please note that some platforms that host you for free are already advertising and will not let you earn advertising revenue. You have to find an idea that will make people come and especially bring them back. Share your site on social networks, create a buzz!

Obviously, it is not always easy to have traffic and you have to work hard. Personally, I have been working on for almost five years and I still have to put a lot of effort into getting people to come back and like it. Please note that if you have a good idea, it risks being taken up by others… So, think about innovating and be ahead!

In conclusion, whatever the job, the money does not come in by itself. You have to work hard for legit extra income from home and the results will be accordingly. Your expectations should be kept realistic, but you have the right to dream, which is what ultimately makes all the difference.

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