Iconic Body Art Launches Selection Of Sophisticated, Inexpensive Temporary Tattoos

Large range of affordable temporary tattoos launched by Iconic Body Art.

Statistics indicate more than 100 million adults throughout the world admit to having at least one tattoo. Of those, about 40 percent express some degree of regret, not over having gotten a tattoo, but over their choice of design. Temporary adhesive and stencil body art selections are readily at the public's disposal; however, the majority of adults feel the available designs are geared more toward children and pre-teens. In answer to this dilemma, Iconic Body Art has launched their selection of inexpensive temporary tattoo kits catering to the adult population.

Isaac Flynn of Iconic Body Art stated, "Our array of inexpensive tattoo kits includes starter kits for women as well as non gender biased kits featuring designs appropriate for both men and women. Kits contain a choice of large or small stencils, alcohol wipes and a 50ml can of spray. Our sprays, available in pink and blue, are made of a unique formula that conforms to the recently released European Cosmetic Products Safety Directive. Our sprays undergo rigorous safety and quality trials but are never tested on animals. Since these sprays are safe and completely temporary, our customers are able to enjoy a quality, chic, modernistic tattoo that can be removed quickly without discoloring the skin. Our tattoos are water resistant and generally last 24 to 48 hours with proper care and maintenance."

Flynn continued, "We offer delicate, feminine ribbons, bows and stars for ladies and various tribal designs for either gender. Customers can enjoy one small tattoo or combine our designs to create their own unique body art scheme. The wipes included in our kits are specifically designed to remove any dirt, debris or oil from the skin before the adhesive stencils are applied. This helps prolong the life of the tattoo, ensure the stencil adheres well to the skin and promotes the reusable nature of the stencil. After tattoo application, the wipes may also be used to remove any smudges or color bleeding. Replacement wipes are available at any pharmacy. If the stencils are taken care of well, customers can expect to enjoy at least 3 to 4 uses and our spray usually provides 25 to 30 tattoos. Tattoos can easily be removed with warm water and soap or with an alcohol wipe."

Said Flynn, "Our tattoos are perfect for men and women who want to experiment with body art before choosing to acquire a permanent tattoo. They are equally attractive to those who simply want to routinely alter their appearance in a diversity of manners. They can be applied for a night out or a day on the beach and quickly removed before returning to a professional environment if necessary. Customers may visit our website, www.iconicbodyart.com, to view our complete selection."

About Iconic Body Art:
Iconic Body Art was founded on the idea of bringing a sophisticated aspect to the temporary tattoo industry. They strive provide the public with quality, safe and affordable products. New designs are currently being developed and will soon be available at iconicbodyart.com.

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Name: Isaac Flynn
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Organization: Iconic Body Art
Phone: 01727 896456
Website: http://www.iconicbodyart.com/

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