iCloud Login Releases New iOS Drive Review

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The website has added just one more way for readers to fix their mobile device storage problems, reports http://www.icloudlogin.com.

iCloud Login, the web’s go-to resource for information and tutorials on Apple’s flagship cloud storage service, has recently released a new in-depth review for a revolutionary iOS drive. While the site’s writers have become masters at compiling and disseminating information for those who find themselves with too many pictures or files and too little mobile device storage, their new review of the SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive is giving readers just one more permanent solution they can use to solve their iPhone and iPad storage woes. The review is accessible directly from the iCloud Login homepage.

Penny Webb, one of iCloud Login’s developers, commented “Taking pictures and video on the iPhone is a great way for everyone from everyday users to journalists to professional photographers to capture the moment. Consequently, it’s a huge disruption when the phone’s storage is full and they’re alerted to the fact that they can’t take anymore pictures. For more prolific iPhone photographers, iCloud storage can fill up quickly. In some cases, a user may not have access to a network when they find themselves in need of more space. Because we see it as our job to find such solutions for our readers, we’re beyond excited to have released our new review of the Sandisk iExpand Flash Drive.”

The Sandisk iEpand Flash Drive aims to be a viable form of alternative storage when a person finds that what is in icloud account isn’t allowing for any more pictures or files or they can’t access a network for iCloud backup. The iCloud Login review of the device includes an overview of the available models and their pricing, a review of its unique and convenient features, and a brief rundown of the pros and cons that iExpand buyers have pointed out. The iCloud Login team ends their review with their recommendations about the product and who it is best suited for.

As Webb continued, “While iCloud was and continues to be an innovative solution, it’s important for people to know that it can’t store everything. In situations where iCloud just isn’t enough, we wanted to present readers with something that could help them out when they’re in a bind and need more storage on the fly.”

Those who would like to check out iCloud Login’s review of the Sandisk iExpand Flash Drive can do so at http://www.icloudlogin.com.

About iCloud Login:

iCloud Login is a website developed by music industry veterans and Apple enthusiasts Will Arnold, Colin Montgomery and Penelope Webb. With a penchant for researching the newest products on the market, an innate understanding of technology, and a passion for design, the team set up iCloud Login just after Apple announced iCloud a few years ago in order to write advice and tips for people to get to know and learn how to use Apple’s iCloud service. The site has become a go-to resource for those who want to know what iCloud is, understand what makes it special, figure out whether or not it's for them, and keep up with the latest developments and improvements.

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