Ice Break Shipping LLC Releases Latest LTL Shipping Safety Data

Ice Break Shipping LLC has released new safety data for their LTL shipping operations. The company believes in full openness and transparency and feels that this is one of the strong points of their business. Additionally, the results of this data show the company culture that lies at the heart of their operations.

"We want people to know that their shipping requirements are in safe hands with us," states Augusto Beato, from Ice Break Shipping LLC. "We believe that our newly released data on safety and security reflects just some of the many strengths of our company."

The data has revealed, firstly, that their cargo delivery is 99% claim free. This means that it is incredibly rare that anything goes wrong with their deliveries. Indeed, claims can be made against damaged property, but also against late deliveries. Being 99% claim free proves that Ice Break Shipping LLC has almost no issues.

The data has also shown that their accident rates are amongst the lowest in the entire shipping industry. This is important for customers, as it means that the likelihood of their products becoming damaged is very low. In addition, it also demonstrates that the company cares about their own employees and their safety. Engaged employees, who know they are valued, are more efficient and productive. This, in turn, reflects positively on the services that are offered by the company and enhanced customer satisfaction.

For 25 years, the company has had a culture of safety. They have invested heavily in safety, and it shows that this investment has paid off. Indeed, when someone requests an LTL shipping quote, they know that this culture is going to work in their favor. Again, this is because it means their goods are completely safe, and because the company's employees are safe at all times as well. One of the ways they implement this culture is by giving all their employees a No-Zone Driver Education Program. This means they learn how to drive around blind spots and in areas where visibility is poor, which is a common occurrence in the shipping industry.

Data has also been released about the cargo security experience. Firstly, the company now offers a high value in-transit geo-fence program. Furthermore, they are fully certified to transport hazardous materials.

"We want to make sure that people can come to us with any type of shipping requirements," added Augusto Beato. "Hazardous materials require, by definition, more specialized shipping and handling, and we have ensured that we are able to offer this. Indeed, we are now fully certified for this."

Clearly, Ice Break Shipping LLC has a fantastic safety record. The fact that they are fully open and transparent about this should be further reason for someone to consider them for an LTL shipping quote. Further information can be obtained from the company using the details below, and a quote can also be received through here.

Ice Break Shipping LLC
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