Iboga Wellness Center Opens In Costa Rica To Offer Spiritual Retreats and Detoxification

Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica has opened offering scientifically backed Iboga Treatments.

Iboga is a psychoactive plant root that contains Ibogaine and other alkaloids, which is used by traditional tribes such as the Bwiti in equatorial Africa, who occupy ancestral territory thought to be home to the first humans. In a controversial talk, Graham Hancock made a series of assertions that saw discussion rage on the TED forums about the use of shamanistic medicine like Iboga to create transcendental spiritual experiences. In doing so, these can create beneficial effects for physical and behavioral conditions such as addiction and depression. Now, the Iboga Wellness Center has opened in Costa Rica to offer these treatments.

The Iboga Wellness Center is open to individuals from all around the world and offers an eight day psycho-spiritual program in which traditional shamanistic ceremonies are used in conjunction with the active ingredient to stimulate profound spiritual detoxification, which can provide a natural cure for depression.

They also offer addiction detox programs between nine and thirty days in length to purge the body of the negative effects and neurological dependencies on damaging illegal drugs through the use of natural Iboga treatment, which has proven useful for opiates, heroin and alcohol.

A spokesperson for Iboga Wellness Center explained, “We use Iboga as a visionary tool and describe it as similar to an anti-virus software on a computer, which defragments the hard drive and removes malicious entities. Iboga root is a gentle purifying agent and Ibogaine has been scientifically verified to assist in detoxification. In Costa Rica it’s use is encouraged for this purpose, so we are able to provide a safe space for people around the world to come and achieve oneness with their spiritual selves and in doing so restore their health on a more permanent and profound foundation.”

About Iboga Wellness Center:
Iboga Wellness Center located in beautiful Costa Rica offers spiritual retreats and detoxification programs to provide people with the opportunity to heal their body, mind, and spirit. Their emphasis is on the spiritual to ensure the most profound healing possible. They offer treatments for addiction, depression, anxiety and more.

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