iBET Entertainment City Debuts in the Spanish La Liga 2020/2021 Season Through Digital Billboard Replacement (DBR) Technology

iBET Entertainment City, Increase brand awareness among passionate sports fans worldwide with the use of virtual replacement technology.

iBET Entertainment City, a leading online gaming corporation, will make its first appearance in the Spanish La Liga 2020/2021 season by deploying virtual replacement technology on the LED perimeter signage in the stadiums. This enterprise is to be looked forward to because it is the first time iBET is executing such a savvy advertising strategy on an international stage. iBET also has the exclusive sponsorship entitlement to place the virtual advertisements at the Real Madrid and Barcelona matches. iBET will roll out the virtual advertisements beginning September 12 to May 23 the following year, appearing in the Asia sports programs and live broadcasts.

“We are very proud to be part of such an illustrious event. This is an unprecedented step for us, but we are ready to seize this golden opportunity,” said the iBET spokesperson.

Quoting Paula Scher, the iBET spokesperson further added, “Identities are the beginning of everything, and we are taking the first step to amplify ours by setting a global footprint. Most importantly, this is a great stepping stone for us to introduce ourselves, to continue our growth as an entity and brand, and to charge steadily towards international expansion, albeit so many uncertain circumstances we are being put this year.”

iBET has chosen to run its virtual advertisements during the Real Madrid and Barcelona games because the two are the most successful and anticipated football clubs in Spanish La Liga. Their matches are also the most-watched. On that note, iBET deploys the virtual replacement technology in high hopes of increasing its brand awareness among sports supporters from different parts of the world. With it, iBET can speak efficiently to the relevant audience in the right markets without being hindered by ad exposure inefficiency. At the same time, it also promises a very positive ad frequency, which will allow iBET to maximize its exposure in the global arena and garner more than millions of organic impressions.

iBET believes that its corporation can benefit from this virtual technique because it can transform the old ways of doing in-event advertisements. It breaks the barrier of being confined to time zones, regions, and cultures by letting any participating group of companies convey tailored messaging and targeted advertisements to a different audience at the right time. It is also not susceptible to any social or economic uncertainties, and the opportunities and possibilities for any brands via digital billboard replacement are endless too. Football is the most popular sport in the world, and there is no better way to present iBET to the world than in this environment with the coupling of this relevant and advanced technology.
“Football is different this year, but with this collaboration, it will give all of those involved a sense of familiarity. We look forward to the event very much and cannot wait for the world to see what we have prepared,” the iBET spokesperson concluded.

About iBET Entertainment City
iBET was established in Asia in 2013. Over seven years, iBET has undergone exponential growth and expanded its presence into various markets, comprising countries like Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. iBET is also the only corporation in the Asian region to have the most partnerships in the online gaming industry. All of our partners have valid and legitimate licenses and certifications awarded by professional gaming bodies. Other than being available online (website), users can also get hold of iBET and enjoy the services offered on a variety of screens and devices.

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