I Gave A Buck Campaign Launched To Help Internet Buy A House For A Disabled Mother

I Gave A Buck is a campaign created to ask one dollar of each individual who sees the campaign, in order to put down a deposit on a home for the creator’s disabled mother.

A single dollar doesn’t count for much in the modern era, and there’s very little that people can afford to buy with it alone. Hundreds of people see a buck disappear into a vending machine for a soda, to drink the soda and never see the dollar or the soda again. To consume is necessary, but to create is a higher calling. One man is creating a social experiment online to see if he can buy a house for his disabled mother through donations of a single dollar from people around the internet. He has launched I Gave A Buck to track his progress.

Founder Ryan Mercer is a full time carer for his disabled mother, and together they live in a hovel. Ryan wanted to provide a better home for his mother, but the down payment would take him years to save. He is now using I Gave A Buck to help people help him achieve his goal, by giving away what is a disposable amount for one individual, but from thousands, could transform a life for the better.

Individuals can pay via Amazon, PayPal or Bitcoin, with larger payments being made via GoFundMe for anyone who is inspired to give more than the requested dollar to create the house the internet built. His ambitious target is $24,000, meaning he is relying on the generosity of spirit of 24,000 people throughout the United States and the world.

A spokesperson for I Gave A Buck explained, “The I Gave A Buck campaign was created to allow Ryan to ask for help. We have seen that the internet is capable of great and terrible things, and this is an opportunity for online communities to show what good there is in the world when we connect and work together. One dollar is a negligible amount for each single person donating, but together they can give Ryan’s mother a home in her later life that will bring her incredible joy. Perhaps on a daily basis we do very little for wider society, this is a chance to truly effect a person’s life for the better and all for one dollar.”

About I Gave A Buck: I Gave A Buck is a new website created by Ryan Mercer, who is a permanent carer for his disabled mother. His aim is to raise enough through contributions of just one dollar from individuals throughout the internet to be able to put a down payment on a house for her to live in, and is promoting the campaign virally through the power of social media.

Contact Info:
Name: Ryan Mercer
Email: Send Email
Organization: I Gave a Buck
Phone: 317-203-9649
Website: http://www.igaveabuck.com/

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