Hypnotherapist using own experiences of anxiety to help clients through their personal battles.

A Glasgow-based therapist has developed an array of new strategies as part of the Anxiety Unplugged programme that focuses on using the power of the mind to help individuals finally discover Piece of Mind.

Glasgow, Scotland. Friday 18th July: Hypnotherapist Andy Griffiths has launched a new service aimed to reduce anxiety among clients of all backgrounds through a range of techniques that supported him through his own battles with the condition. With anxiety on the rise throughout the UK, sessions are primarily designed to support people in Glasgow, but can also be embraced by users from further afield.

Hypnotherapy strategies built on personal experience

Anxiety has quickly become one of the most problematic and prevalent mental health issues in modern society, and is something that Andy Griffiths experienced first hand. After regaining control through hypnotherapy and other techniques, the expert has spent a long time developing a strategy of therapies, techniques and hypnotherapy exercises built specifically with sufferers of anxiety in mind.

Piece of Mind’s anxiety-relieving programs and hypnotherapy processes are built to provide clients with the mind tools needed to overcome and manage bouts of anxiety with far greater results. This covers prevention of anxiety as well as controlling symptoms quickly in a bid to restore normality.
As an accredited hypnotherapist and teacher with the Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy, Griffiths's skills can support clients through all types of anxiety. Whether it’s social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), agoraphobia, panic disorders or any other strand of the condition, the Anxiety Unplugged system provides the support needed to regain control.

Anxiety Unplugged is for anyone with anxiety irrespective of how severe or often the symptoms tend to surface. In just a few short sessions, switching off the symptoms of excessive anxiety in a range of life situations becomes far simpler.

Rapid recoveries that get to the bottom of anxiety symptoms

While anxiety disorders aren’t a sign of serious physical illness, the condition is known to seriously hinder the lives of those suffering from the conditions. Piece of Mind’s hypnotherapy sessions aren’t only designed to reduce the symptoms, they additionally seek to identify the source of the problems.

Every case of anxiety is unique, and a deeper understanding of those individual circumstances is a key focus of the Anxiety Unplugged model. Users seeking support can gain the tailored and personalised help needed to generate life-changing results. Griffiths’s personal experiences and empathy for sufferers give Piece of Mind a unique perspective that offers emotional comfort even in the darkest moments.

Many people suffering from the disorder already know when an anxiety attack is about to strike. With the skills gained through Anxiety Unplugged, the days of feeling helpless against those issues can be a thing of the past.

More information is available from the Piece of Mind website or directly from press contact Andy Griffiths, who can be contacted by telephone on 0141 340 9870 or via email at hello@piece-of-mind.co.uk. Alternatively, you can write to Piece of Mind, 4 Douglas Ave, Glasgow G32 8JN.

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