Hypnosis Helps More Women Experience Natural Childbirth

Living in an era of pre-booked c-sections, virtually from the time of conception, natural birthing researcher, editor and registered midwife, Sandra Spence, is witnessing a global movement to bring back natural birthing with hypnosis.

In 1958 hypnotherapy was recognized as a valid medical procedure by the American Medical Association. Many of people these days know that their mind is a very powerful tool, yet it was way back in 1944, Grantly Dick-Read, MD, an English obstetrician, who wrote "Childbirth Without Fear", said that the use of hypnosis during labor helps laboring women break what he called the fear-tension-pain syndrome, which makes labor more difficult.

Inspired by her findings, Spence has also revealed that there are plenty of evidence based studies supporting the benefits which include:

- fewer interventions and complications during labor
- a calm birthing environment
- shorter labors without excessive fear and pain
- few or no drugs at all resulting in babies born with higher apgar scores
- a great birth experience and transition to motherhood

"Childbirth is a woman's birthright, we need only give her the knowledge, support and tranquility and then her own birthing hormones will bring to completion their task" says Spence, "which is why more and more models of hypno-birthing are starting up worldwide. While courses can vary, they all teach their own style of the basics which include, self-hypnosis, visualizations, deep relaxation and breathing techniques for the 3 stages of labor. It's clear self-hypnosis during childbirth works!"

This renewed trend of using hypnobirthing techniques reportedly sparked the interest of Kate Middleton last year for the birth of her first child, Prince George. "Kate's very excited about the idea of hypnobirth," a source told Now magazine, "She's exploring lots of options but thinks it sounds very interesting."

"There is no doubt that women who choose to take some form of hypno-birth classes have a better all-round experience." says Spence, who is now compiling a Hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Birth worldwide directory which will be included in soon to be released digital magazine dedicated to Natural Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

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