Hypnosis Expert Dr. Sewell Opens A New Office In Atlanta For New Clients

Assisting people in quitting smoking and changing their entire outlook towards life by using hypnosis for smoking cessation and providing other medical hypnosis treatments, Dr. Sewell has not opened a new office in Atlanta to make his services available for the new clients.

Using clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight loss, emotional and personal excellence and medical hypnosis purposes, Dr. Sewell is one of the very few nationally recognized practitioners providing treatments to their clients. To make these services available to more clients, Dr. Sewell recently announced opening his new office for Atlanta Hypnotherapy treatments.

"Hypnotherapy's use for medical purposes has been studied for more than 100 years and proven to have demonstrated its power to help patients suffering from various medical conditions", company representatives said. They added, "Hypnosis has been shown to be 300 percent more effective for smoking cessation and twice effective for weight loss than any other traditional method. After getting years of experience and expertise, Dr. Sewell uses hypnotherapy and Atlanta Hypnosis for assisting his clients who are suffering from such issues in life and looking for a way out.”

Reportedly, thousands of scientific studies to date have proven hypnosis to be an effective, safe and natural method. It has also been approved by American Medical Association (AMA) and America Psychological Association (APA) as an effective smoking cessation method. Not just smoking, but it also assists people in losing weight much efficiently than other methods, helps sportsperson in improving their overall performance, for attaining emotional stability and for various other purposes, as observed over the years by many medical entities.

“Dr. Sewell AP. C. Ht. is a nationally recognized expert in hypnotic smoking cessation and medical hypnosis. The Atlanta hypnotist is counted as one of the early pioneers in the use of telemedicine who now works with clients all over the country", company representative informed. "He is certified and recognized by The American Council and Hypnotist Examiners, The National Guild Of Hypnotists and The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association," they added. Informing about the opening of their new office in Atlanta, it was stated that there, not many hypnotherapy specialists available and thus to cater the needs of new clients, a new office has been opened. Clients can book their free consultation timings with Dr. Sewell and look for finding answers to their smoking and other issues in hypnotherapy.

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Name: Dr. David Sewell AP, C. Ht.
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Organization: Atlanta Clinical Hypnosis
Address: 400 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite #4-755 Atlanta, GA (30308)
Phone: (404) 220-9351
Website: http://atlantaclinicalhypnosis.com/

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