Hypervibe Named as Pivotal Vibration Machine Manufacturer of the Year by Review Group

Hypervibe, an Australia-based manufacturer of vibration machines, has been selected as the best brand pivotal vibration machines, for their Performance model, by the KnockYourVibe vibration machine review group. The high G-force and vibration amplitude Hypervibe machine produce, has earned them the accolade.

Hypervibe, a leading manufacturer of whole body vibration machines, earned another feather on their cap today, when KnockYourVibe, a review group for whole body vibration machines, rated the brand as the group’s most highly recommended pivotal vibration machine for the year. While the top-2 ratings given by the KnockYourVibe group go to a sonic machine group (Turbo Sonic) and a spiral machine group (Vibra Trim) respectively, Hypervibe was a close third in their overall ranking list. More precisely, the Performance model by Hypervibe received a strong go-ahead from the vibration machine review group.

“This was easy for us to decide, really”, said Sudeshna Dey, the owner and CEO of the KnockYourVibe review group. “There is no other pivotal machine sold in the USA that can match the quality that Hypervibe delivers. These machines are built in Australia, and are really well-built as far as the quality of the machines is concerned. The Performance model from Hypervibe is the clear winner in the space of pivotal vibration machines.”

Vibration machines moves the human body very fast, and produces exercises on the body by forcing a large number of acceleration and deceleration processes on the human body. There are six different types of vibrations that are currently available in the market. However, each machine has its applicability and shortcomings.

“Just because a Hypervibe machine worked well for one individual does not guarantee it will work well for others. One's body may accept the vibrations produced by Hypervibe, or it may not. Hence, it is necessary to understand the right vibration type before buying a machine. Hypervibe, for example, provides pivotal vibrations. Hypervibe pivotal machines are now currently rated higher than any other pivotal machine, as reported in the outcome of our current market review”, explained an enthusiastic Dey.

Hypervibe is produced from Australia, but there are sufficient stocks all over the USA for quick delivery. The group cited two main reasons that were driving factors of these ratings. One is the high force of gravity, also known as G-force in the vibration exercise machine industry. The other is the exceptionally high vibration amplitude that the machine produces. And then, there is a constraint: Hypervibe scaled these levels with a lower-than-usual vibration platform size.

“Today, Hypervibe is one of the most powerful brands that exist at its given price range”, said a KnockYourVibe spokesperson. “The vibrating platform of Hypervibe is small, at least 5-10 inches smaller than other vibration machines at this price group. The machine produces 17G at its peak force, which is significantly higher than most vibration machines that are not capable of producing beyond 10-12G. Add the vibration amplitude of 11 mm, whereas most machines do not go beyond 8-10 mm, makes the Hypervibe Performance one of the best vibration machines that we found in our review process. And on a different note, Hypervibe is a pivotal vibration machine, and we found it to work really well for a number of situations such as providing massages, lymph drainage, blood circulation and detoxification, at the lower end of the frequency spectrum. Add the upper end of the vibration frequency spectrum, and Hypervibe Performance, with the set of muscle, bone and general health benefits it provides, is a sheer pleasure to use. This makes it an all-round whole body vibration machine.”

The group hosts its reviews on Hypervibe machines on the following webpage: http://www.vibrationmachine.reviews/brands/hypervibe.php.

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