Hygh Company Announces Up-Coming Crowdfunding Campaign

The leader of the HYGH company, Vincent Müller, announced the start of the first stage on up-coming crowdfunding campaign and shared details about the advertisement platform, which is expected to revolutionize outdoor advertising.

Although outdoor advertising is the oldest medium, it is also the one with the most promising future; This was expressed by Vincent Müller, the co-founder, and CEO of HYGH, an Ad technology company causing furor at entrepreneurship conferences all over the world. The reason for the taller comes hand in hand with its innovative platform, developed to decentralize advertising and "transform anyone into an advertiser, regardless of advertising competence, budget, or/and company size."

This premise indicates that HYGH offers the capacity to lead a new aspect of the industry, something no other initiative had dared to do promise. Following those lines, Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising will grow into a flexible practice, where any screen is potential ad space, and booking advertisements takes seconds, not months.

The figure of this platform emulates services such as Airbnb, which function as a mediating channel between two interested parties in a common purpose. In this case, the company or person wishing to promote a product/service, may contact the owner of digital public display (Smart TV, Tablet, etc.), to coordinate the advertising content and create a fruitful business relationship.

Also, and justified by its cryptographic core-engine, the transparency, and immutability of the agreements established between both users, data about the performance of its campaigns and the revenue rates in the form of Security Token, are secured and guaranteed. This reduces the costs of the advertising process - users can run a hyperlocal ad-campaign for as low as $ 5 per day - and is expected to increase the number of display units (150 M by 2020).

Personalization in advertising

According to The Economist, in traditional shopping funnel, exterior has always been presented from above, producing notoriety and coverage but creating a great distance with the consuming public. The new capacities that HYGH presumes are expected each time lower in the funnel and enable the direct response and even the choice. A DOOH advertisement that can now offer relevant information according to the specific place in which the digital screen is established.

According to its Website, aspects such as automation, contextualization, the combination with mobile, wearables and artificial intelligence are some of the elements that can be easily applied thanks to the intuitive and dynamic software.

About HYGH

Launched in 2017, HYGH has adopted as its primary mission to redefine the management of worldwide advertisement, providing new digital infrastructures and enabling the path to the incursion of new actors. The team behind the enterprise hopes that establishing a more straightforward standard can improve market conditions.

Those wanting to invest in HYGH, can do it prior January 24 and receive a bonus of 5%, while those wishing to enter the native bounty program only have to sign up. Also, it is important to mention that the 40% discount on HYGH tokens will be available during the First Presale stage.

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