Hydroponics Supplier Mass Hydro Reopens Under New Ownership

Attleboro, Mass., hydroponic gardening center will maintain great selection and service that have allowed it to thrive, while becoming even more responsive to customers' needs, Mass Hydro reports

Mass Hydro, one of New England's top sources for hydroponic gardening supplies, has reopened under new ownership. With the handover having been completed, Mass Hydro stands readier than ever to help hydroponic enthusiasts and other gardeners acquire the containers, growing media, bulbs, hoods, ballasts, and other supplies and equipment they need to make their gardens grow. The new owners of Mass Hydro are committed to evolving the already highly regarded hydroponics store into an even more vital and valuable resource for those interested in hydroponic gardening.

"With our two locations, Mass Hydro has become an important destination for hydroponic gardeners from all around the region," company representative Derek Miller stated, "and as the new owners, we look forward to listening to our loyal customers and making it an even more enjoyable and productive place to shop."

Hydroponic gardening, or hydroponics, is the practice of growing plants without soil, instead substituting a carefully designed solution that provides all of the necessary nutrients. Compared to traditional gardening, hydroponics offers a number of advantages. With some crops, for example, as many as 4 times as many plants may be grown to maturity in an equivalent space, while also making use of far less in the way of water, herbicides, and pesticides. Plants cultivated through hydroponics can also often be coaxed into growing and maturing much more quickly, cutting down on the time between harvests.

Because of these considerable advantages and others, hydroponics is increasingly popular in the United States. The New York Times, for example, noted how hydroponics is making it more practical for farmers to satisfy an increasing appetite for locally grown produce, as the greater efficiency and yields the technology delivers can make it viable to farm in places that would not normally support the activity.

Whether for the professional hydroponic farmer or the many amateurs who are attracted to the technique, Mass Hydro has become a leading source for the whole range of specialized supplies that are needed. With convenient locations at 1753 Main Street in Brockton and 679 Washington Street in Attleboro, the company is well positioned to serve as a one-stop garden shop for hydroponics enthusiasts from all around the Northeast.

The new owners are committed to upholding the high levels of service and product selection that have made the company so successful, while also responding to customer feedback in ways that will make Mass Hydro even more of a leading destination for hydroponic supplies. For example, thanks to the efforts of the new owners, the Attleboro branch of the hydroponic store is currently one of the only sources in the region for the frequently requested Terpinator nutrient mixture, one of the most popular new products on the market. More information about Mass Hydro's many product offerings can be found at the company's website.

About Mass Hydro:
Supplying everything needed for indoor and outdoor gardening of all sorts, with a special focus on hydroponics supplies, Mass Hydro operates well-stocked retail stores in Brockton and Attleboro, Massachusetts.

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