Hush VIP Event To Feature Michael X As Speaker In Las Vegas In April

Michael Taggart, CEO & Founder of AdVenture Marketing, has announced that he will be addressing a group of entrepreneurs at the HUSH VIP event in Las Vegas in April 2015. He will be sharing some of his marketing expertise in an effort to help startups and other business leaders to build and expand their online presence and improve their professional image and success in their respective industries. His approach will provide HUSH guests with some of his applied techniques in SEO and Marketing strategies that have been used for many of his clients in the past.

Over the years, Michael Taggart has become a mentor in the public relations arena by building up his background as a marketing expert and utilizing a variety of training methods designed to teach important but little known details about the industry including how to create effective press releases, develop successful SEO strategies, and how to utilize CryptoCurrencies to their advantage. By learning the fundamentals behind these three business instruments, Michael Taggart feels that he can offer many up and coming enterprises with another means of gaining a foothold in their industry so that they may grasp the recognition they need to propel forward.

Because of his reputation, Michael has been asked to speak at numerous events including Traffic and Conversion, the 7 Figure Speaking Empire, and GKIC 2014 and 2015. He has spoken at the Tampa Bay Marketers Cruise for the last four years. All of these events have held one clear direction and purpose in common; to arm businesses with the tools they need to find financial success in their fields of expertise.

The primary focus of the HUSH VIP Event 2015 is to provide guests with the secrets to obtaining wealth through a very detailed training agenda. Their goal is to educate those who want to reach out for more than the average consumer and give them the secrets to ultimate wealth. In addition to Michael's presentation, guests will learn about how to obtain double and triple digit returns, real estate secrets, and how to make a profit regardless of the marketing environment, as well as tips on building up and amassing that wealth.

These activities and more will all be part of a full weekend of education planned by HUSH VIP 2015. The event will begin on Thursday, April 9, with a Cocktail Reception at the LUX Penthouse Suite, and will continue through Saturday, April 11, with a number of professional speakers, coaches, and trainers all prepared to teach those little unknown secrets that separate the ultra rich from the average.

The Michael Taggart presentation is expected to be very informative as it will focus on how to achieve the wealth that many people seek to earn through their various business ventures. If you are interested in learning more about Michael Taggert or the HUSH VIP Event please use the information below to request more details:

Company Name: Michael Taggart/HUSH VIP Event

Contact: Michael Taggart

Phone Number: 208-908-0626


Address: 5430 Misty Ridge Way

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