Huphaco Talks About Various Types Of Sensors That Are Used In Industries

Huphaco shares information about various types of measuring sensors that are used in industries on daily basis.

Huphaco is a European company that provides measuring equipment. When it comes to one of the top companies in Europe that provide measuring equipment, then the name of Huphaco comes first. This company has opened a branch in Vietnam also, and since its opening, this company has been the favorite of Vietnamese people. They provide a wide range of products like selling measuring sensors, gauges, flow meters, signal splitter, current transformer, a signal converter that convert signals, and much more. A representative from the company talks about various types of sensors that are used in industries. These sensors are water level sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. Seeing the development and industrialization of Vietnam, many brands provide these sensors. Brands like Seneca, Mollet, Dine, Termotech, etc. These industrial sensors have a wide range of measurements that comes with a compact design. These industrial sensors come at a reasonable price and give the best deal in the Vietnamese market in the field of measuring sensors.

Pressure sensors are used to measure boilers, compressed air pressure, chemicals, gas, petroleum, and much more. They have a wide range of products that includes a 0 – 1 bar pressure sensor, 0 – 10 bar oil pressure sensor, 250 bar pressure sensors. They also provide a wide range of temperature monitors and temperature sensors. All the measuring equipment that one will find on Huphaco is originated from European countries. Temperature sensors also are originated from European countries like Italy and France. One can find a wide variety of temperature sensors in the product portfolio of Huphaco. These include type k heat probe, 4 – 20 ma temperature sensor which is also known as pt 100 temperature probe, thermocouple pt 100, r type thermocouple, s type thermocouple, thermocouple type k, and much more. Temperature sensors are made according to the European standards and are widely used in cement, boiler plants, chimney, furnace, etc to measure the temperature. Huphaco provides temperature sensors that have a measuring range from -200 to 1780 Celsius. And the error of these sensors is between 0.01% to 0.1%.

Huphaco also provides a water level sensor. These device uses capacitive, ultrasonic, or radar sensing mode to measure the level of water in several liquids like oil, water, wastewater, HCL acid, HNO3, H2SO4, HF gas, fluorinated acid, Chlorine, and much more. This type of sensor is used in factories, measuring water tanks and ponds, measuring sea level, etc. There are various types of water sensors that Huphaco offers. These are floating water level sensor, optical water level sensor, linear float type water level sensor, sensors that measure water levels in electrode form, ultrasonic water level sensor, radar level sensor, etc. To know more about this company, click on

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Huphaco is a European brand that has opened its franchise in Vietnam as well. This company has gained excellence in providing products such as sensors, gauges, signal converters, etc.

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Name: Quinton Maxwell
Organization: Huphaco
Address: No 12, Apartment A2, Rosita Khang Dien, Street 990, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: 0931429989, 0972560506

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Contact Info:
Name: Quinton Maxwell
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Organization: Huphaco
Address: No 12, Apartment A2, Rosita Khang Dien, Street 990, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Phone: 0931429989

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