Hunting and Camping Aficionado Approves of Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes Receive 5 Stars from Hunter.

Backcountry hygiene has long concerned hikers, campers, and hunters as being off-the-grid removes the luxury of decent baths and bathroom breaks. The key to enjoyable backpacking lies in a durable and reliable hygiene product that won't prevent them from enjoying their excursions.

Surviveware, a leader in adventure and survival preparedness, offers a product that solves hunters’ and campers' hygiene problems: the Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Aside from providing a solution to one's hygiene needs, these travel size wipes are designed to minimize one's impact on the environment.

The biodegradable body wipes measure 8" x 12" so that one to two sheets are enough to refresh an average-sized person. For a thoroughly soiled frame, three to four wipes should be sufficient to remove stuck-on dirt, sweat, and mud.

Apart from their size and durability, Surviveware's camping wipes for bathing and outdoor hygiene are commended for their formulation. Each sheet is infused with a hypoallergenic, nourishing formula that deeply cleanses the skin of impurities. As the travel size wipes are free from alcohol, they are safe for babies and adults with delicate skin.

As the wipes are intended for outdoor and camping use, they are free from fragrance. Campers and hunters are wary about using scented hygiene products as they can attract insects or ward off prospective game. With these fragrance-free sheets, users can rest assured that they won't have uninvited guests showing up at their campsite due to their scent.

Surviveware makes it possible to have an eco-friendly alternative to showering. These camping wipes for bathing are made of cloth rather than plastic fibers and thus start to disintegrate within 28 days after use, fully decomposing in just 8 to 12 months, far shorter than regular wipes, which take hundreds of years to break down.

In every order of these biodegradable body wipes via Amazon Prime, customers will receive four (4) packs, each containing 15 cloth wipes, for a total of 60 wipes.

In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he shared how he made the switch to Surviveware wipes from baby wipes for his hunting and camping sojourns:

"My main reason for this purchase was for hunting and backwoods camping. I have a tendency to be out and about quite often. When I first started hunting, we used the standard baby wipe, so the concept was perfect but not so much in area of biodegradable department.

Enter into my world, this wonderful product from a local USA company. Love them! They can be used anywhere and the 4 pack is great for being able to stash them in my high traffic places. I have one in pack as always, but also I can stash one in my truck, my go bag in the truck, and my wife's emergency kit in her car. They pack small and fit into just about any normal pack sized pocket.

Texture for these are exactly what you would want from a wet-wipe. It does its job without leaving back anything wet feeling, or that you have to wait to "dry out" first before being on your way. This is a great product and I believe you will find many other uses for them!"

Stay clean while exploring the great outdoors. Order your Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes now by clicking here.

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