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Thyroid Cancer has now become a very common disease among people. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland situated at the anterior neck just beneath Adam's apple. The major responsibility of this gland is to produce triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones. Thyroid cancer is an abnormal form of cancer. In most cases, women appear to be more vulnerable to this disease than men, and it is more common in people among the higher age groups. Besides, thyroid cancer causes a lump in the gland known as the thyroid nodule. Most of these nodules are non-malignant (or) noncancerous, but about 10% are malignant. It is cancer with an excellent prognosis if the patient is detected earlier and treated promptly, but the disease is tough to detect when the clinical symptoms seem quite faint. Thus, proactive thyroid cancer screening will be a successful measure to screen for cancer and find the disease in time.

Hung Viet Oncology Hospital believes that patient's benefit is the main priority. The hospital aims at bringing comfort and utmost satisfaction to patients. Doctors and staff here keep learning and boosting their professional knowledge and customer care skills to give the all widely renowned medical examination and treatment environment. They ask the patients to follow complete Thyroid cancer guidelines for prevention from this harmful disease.

This disease normally happens when there is an abnormality in the growth of the thyroid cells. Certain factors boost your risk of thyroid cancer, such as immune system disorder, genetic disorder, age factors, hormone changes in the body, thyroid diseases like thyroiditis, goiter, etc. If not treated right, it can lead to cancer. Cancer screening should be done early to stay away from the complications caused by thyroid cancer in time. The screening process at Hung Viet Oncology Hospital is carried out through some steps. Clinical examination is the primary step in the thyroid cancer screening process by experts themselves. After that, thyroid tests such as T3,T4, TSH and thyroid ultrasound are conducted. For cases where a tumor is cancerous, the patient will then be tested for Tg and Anti-Tg and cytology. There will be sufficient grounds to determine and see a consulting doctor. The specialists summarize records, tell status, and provide health advice.

At Hung Viet Oncology Hospital, patients are also screened for cancer as per closed and quality process, you will be examined and consulted by thyroid specialists in the most detail about your condition.

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