Humans Will be Extinct in 200 Years - New Book by Economist warns

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Humans Will be Extinct in 200 Years - New Book by Economist warns

How the world evolves over the next 1000 years is the subject of a new book by economist and entrepreneur, Chris Bonnet.

The World in 1000 Years: The Future of Everything.

With exponential growth in technology, the next millennium will be like no other that preceded it, with the opportunity to fundamentally change the fabric of our society and the natural environment that surrounds it, unlike anything that has occurred over the past 10,000 years.

"Humans will likely be extinct within 200 years", warns Chris Bonnet, author of the book, "if we continue down the same path as the past 30 years".

Some scientists believe we're at the dawn of the Anthropocene Period, when current human activity and interference is the dominant influence on the future of our planet. The effects of human caused climate change during the next one hundred years will dramatically change where we live, and how we live during the subsequent centuries.

In fact, we will most likely need to geoengineer the planet during the latter part of the next millennium, in order to survive as a species.

The book also describes why some things won't happen in the future, like living on Mars or finding aliens.

This 199-page look into the future will challenge your beliefs, educate you on the plausible and forever change your thoughts on why we're here. It'll guide you through the way democracies will change, how technologies will evolve and where climate change will take us in 1000 years.

About the Author:

Chris Bonnet was born in Vancouver, Canada and attended university in Montreal. After a successful career in IT, he worked as research director, investment banker management consultant and economist. Chris has worked at over 50 companies in Montreal, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded 12 companies.

Mr. Bonnet is based in the Vancouver area and available for interviews and public speaking engagements internationally. For more information, please contact:

THE WORLD IN 1000 YEARS is available from in Kindle version.

Print length: 199 pages
Kindle Price: US $9.95

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