Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Provide Single-source Hair From Europe

Find human hair lace front wigs, hairpieces, extensions, men’s pieces, sheitels and more using the best quality virgin hair from House of European Hair.

Each wig, integration, hairpiece and fringe from the House of European Hair is taken from one individual and never colored

Real human hair has qualities which cannot be matched by synthetics. At the House of European Hair (HEH), this all-natural product is kept that way thanks to a rigorous selection and collection process.

“Each hair piece from House of European Hair is ethically harvest from one individual. It is never color or processed in any way, except to fit it into the hair pieces we sell,” said Tammy Hung, HEH general manager. “By using single-source collection, we ensure that all the hair in one of our products maintains the same consistency. This consistency sets our product apart from competitors who combine the hair of several different people for their products.”

The HEH hair is also kept in a ponytail with all the cuticles facing the same direction. Ms. Hung explained this is very important because it allows the hair to lay naturally. Hair that has been mixed will not look the same because its natural order has been disturbed.

Because HEH only sells natural hair, the color selection is limited compared to other natural hair suppliers who color their products.

“We understand that some people may want an unusual color and we respect that. But we also believe that you should be the one to decide what that color will be,” Ms. Hung said. “Because our hair products are naturally colored, our customers can take their purchase and leave it as is or color it.”

Natural hair also holds highlights, perms and styles differently than synthetic materials. It can be washed and dried exactly like real and is cared for the same was a real hair. It also acts like real hair, which means it can appear frizzy and windblown.

“You may see this as a drawback to using real hair. But it is natural. It makes the hair piece look real” Ms. Hung said.

HEH also opted to source hair only from Europe because of the quality. Providers in China and India can provide hair, but it does not meet the exacting standards of the top their beauticians in the Los Angeles market and elsewhere in the nation.

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ABOUT HEH - House of European Hair is a full line of wigs, integrations, hairpieces and fringes using only the finest quality of virgin European hair. Whether you want a whole new look or just an enhancement, thepremium quality allows for total customization without damaging own hair.

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