Huge Discounts For Breastfeeding Moms this International Women s Day Announced by Mommyz Love

Breastfeeding advocate Mommyz Love launches store-wide discounts this International Women's Day. Their aim is to help nursing moms feel less breastfeeding pain and educate them about how to properly nurse babies.

In line with the 2019 International Women s Day which celebrates womanhood all around the globe, Mommyz Love, a proponent of women s rights and a strong advocate of breastfeeding, announced that they are giving out 20% discounts on their online store.

Their store primarily caters to breastfeeding mothers, with products ranging from breastfeeding apparel, how to save breast milk, and down to products that alleviate breastfeeding pains. Their blog social media channels regularly discuss women s rights when it comes to breastfeeding problems, issues breastfeeding moms face regularly, and tips and tricks on how breastfed babies can benefit more from the said activity.

The discount coupon will be valid from March 8, 2019 until March 31, 2019 for a one-time 20% total discount.

Use coupon 2019WOMENSDAY on their breastfeeding store.

When asked why Stephanie Murillo, co-founder of Mommyz Love, started advocating for breastfeeding, she answered, I always thought that breastfeeding was something natural, basically not a big deal. However once I had my baby I really struggled and found it to be a huge deal! The lack of preparation and help provided in our health system almost brought my journey to an end. That s when I realized I had to help other moms to be able to reach their breastfeeding goals.

According to Stephanie, the number of soon-to-be mothers who are considering breastfeeding is growing by the day, but there is a lack of education about the realities of nursing babies, which results to a number of nursing mothers to drop down significantly after the first six months.

In a press release by the CDC on August 2018, it was revealed that 83.2 percent of new mothers in the US start out exclusively breastfeeding their babies, but this number drops down to 46.9 percent after the sixth month and 35.9 percent after the twelfth month. This suggests that during the first six months of breastfeeding, many mothers are experiencing difficulties in the way they feed their babies. This could mean anywhere from having low supply of breastmilk, breastfeeding pains, and other issues associated with continuing to breastfeed.

To fight this worrying trend, Mommyz Love regularly updates their blog and YouTube channel with educational blog posts and videos about breastfeeding, complete with tips and factual information that new mothers need to know while nursing their babies.

Interested expecting mothers can learn more about breastfeeding on, which boasts hundreds of free articles about parenting, breast milk issues, milk pumping, and other lactation issues.

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