Launches Global Calling Website

Howtocall.Guru offers a new service for U.S. inhabitants who want to call other countries around the world. The interactive service produces dialing instructions to reach 240 other nations by telephone.

Cloud Empire is pleased to announce the launch of its new website designed to provide detailed dialing instructions for anyone calling from a United States number. The recipient of such calls can be located anywhere in 240 different countries worldwide. The nations included in the exhaustive list range from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. The free services offered by How To Call Guru is useful when those in the United States are attempting to determine how to reach a family member or friend in another country.

The mission of the website is to provide an ultimate guide to telephone anywhere in the world. Users of the site are offered comprehensive and up-to-date information on the completion of international calling from anywhere in the United States to anywhere else in the world. The process is as simple as picking a country that the user wants to call and then following the step-by-step interactive calling instructions.

Upon selecting a country from the initial landing page for which calling information is needed, The site responds with a detailed procedures, showing the access code, country code, and city code if available. The user would then go on to dial the exact local telephone number of the call recipient. The directions are broken down into stages in order to make them easy to follow.

Additional details are provided about the country, its time zone and the current time in the country or city. A geographic location by continent, the capital of the country and its currency are provided. The main languages, area of the country and GDP value are also listed. Users of the website are directed to an informational website for further information about the country. In addition to the information about how to dial international locations, the website offers the opportunity to learn how to save money on international phone charges.

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