How Two College Drop Outs Built High Rise, The Biggest Agency in Cannabis.

How Two College Drop Outs Built High Rise, The Biggest Agency in Cannabis.

The High Rise was started in 2011 when 23 year old Erin Coffey decided to embark on a passion project inspired by skateboarding, streetwear and cannabis. Erin scraped together $1,500 and put in his first order of stickers and t-shirts. He started from scratch, knowing very little about the business. He bought a sewing machine and heat press in his kitchen and went to work testing new things. As Erin paid his dues and learned from his experience, Instagram was emerging. Erin was an early adopter of IG, which changed the game of High Rise. As Erin began tinkering with Instagram orders filled his living room and the brand grew legs. High Rise got an official office, and around the same time Erin reunited with a friend he used to skate with, Derek Fukuhara. Derek was a few years older, and they used to make skate videos together before Derek when on to pursue a pro skate career. While traveling the world on tour Derek would occupy his time shooting ads, catalogs and editing video parts for the company that turned him pro, World Industries. What Derek brought to the table was media. Erin had his apparel, internet navigation and vision. Together they ran it up, things were taking off and in Erin’s mind, there was still so much more to do.

Always looking at whats next, Erin was on Youtube searching for cannabis content and saw there was a gigantic void. There was only a handful of creators and they were getting hundreds of thousands of views. Erin and Derek wasted no time and launched High Rise TV with a world record hot box, followed up by a series called 2 Girls, 1 Bong hosted by Macdizzle420 and Joya, now two of the largest cannabis influencers. Mac and Joya’s chemistry took the cannabis community by storm bringing High Rise TV over 100,000 subscribers in 6 months. The new following on High Rise TV garnered a lot of attention to High Rise. Erin and Derek began using this new platform to help spread brand awareness on top of creating fun content for their subscribers. The team was cranking out content and merch and Erin launched another new online store. Using Facebook ads with Derek’s content, multiple orders were pouring in by the MINUTE. Erin was swimming in orders, clients, employees and overhead. A lightbulb went off and they decided to use the experience of building High Rise and their clients brands to get back to what they loved doing, creating.

High Rise Agency was born, and by the end of the first year they had created content for over 60 brands in the cannabis space including the likes of Gary Vee, 2 Chainz, and even K-Swiss. As the client list grew, so did their team. Out of the master bedroom of the 3 bedroom house in Long Beach, this small yet mighty team created content for over 350 cannabis brands in nearly 3 years. In the summer of 2020, High Rise settled into a $10 million house over looking Beverly Hills. A hub created to bring the cannabis community together to build the future of the industry. High Rise Agency has built an extensive cannabis network unlike anyone in the space. This has led to exponential connections and opportunities. Erin and Derek truly have paved their own lane as leaders in the world of cannabis marketing, branding, and media. In a time with where creating, sharing and innovating are keys to success, The High Rise seems to have it all on lock.

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