How to Sell Your Abilities Effectively in Your Personal Statement?

Anybody would agree that one of the best ways to sell your abilities is by using the power of words. Putting them together in the right order can ensure your success while applying for a job or a place at the university.

If you want to get enrolled in a certain program, remember that the most effective tool to demonstrate your talents and draw attention is a personal statement. Admissions committees use it to learn more about applicants and what they can contribute in terms of research and collaborative opportunities. So one needs to emphasize their interests and qualifications that make them the right person for a particular program.

Except for answering the key questions of why you are pursuing a career in a certain field and what your experiences and goals are, you should pay attention to some other things that are essential while writing a personal statement. Some of the secrets of successful writing are explained in this article, so keep reading!

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Remember, that the only purpose of a personal statement is to promote you. You should design it the way so it stands out from others and makes the admissions committee think that they really need to accept you. Consider the recommendations below to learn how to do it!

1. Study the requirements

Before you start writing your personal statements, check the requirements carefully. Probably, there may be some constraints set on it, like a certain number of words or characters, or covering certain issues. Once you are aware of conditions, make sure your writing is consistent with them.

2. Plan what to include

Create a list of things that are necessary to include in your personal statement. They may involve the reasons to attend a university or a course, your recent relevant activities, and so on. The list will help you not to forget the most important facts. Generally, there are no strict rules about what exactly you should add, it depends entirely on what you are trying to demonstrate in your personal statement.

3. Show your understanding

When you are writing a personal statement, you should show that you know about the course or subject you are applying for. Demonstrate your awareness of what studying will involve, so you look like a candidate who is really interested in potential opportunities.

4. Explain the reasons

Although it may seem obvious to you, the reader doesn’t know why you want to study in a particular program. So, it’s worth explaining what exactly makes it appealing to you.

5. Focus on uniqueness

To stand out from the crowd, describe what makes you unique and suitable for the college. Show why the admissions committee should select you over and above all the other candidates, and include evidence to back up your words. Wherever possible, prove your skills by referring to independent witnesses from different areas of your life.

6. Make it relevant

Check if everything you include is really to the task in hand. Make sure that you fully covered what you really need to get across and exclude all the unnecessary explanations.

7. Keep it simple

Use plain language instead of writing in a complicated one. It’s always better to make your sentences shorter than one line and avoid sub-clauses in order not to over-complicate your personal statement.

8. Structure your text

In case you weren’t given any special guidelines on structure, stick to a common outline that involves an opening paragraph with the main reasons for applying, a middle section describing all the evidence to back up your first paragraph, and a conclusion summing up your statement and reminding why you are a perfect fit.

On the whole, when selling your abilities, remember that you are not writing to an institution, but to a person who will read it. So make your personal statement look like a conversation and write it the way you would speak to someone you want to impress.

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