How to grow your follower count on Twitter

Everyone is using social media these days, and with so many social media platforms available, it can be difficult to choose one. If you still haven’t chosen one, Twitter is a great option, and if you are already on Twitter and trying to grow your followers, you might have found it is more challenging than anticipated.

Becoming successful on Twitter, or any social media platform is not easy, and there are many things that you could be doing wrong. If you are tired of not seeing any growth in your followers on Twitter, here are a few tips that you can follow in order to grow.

Use influencers and engage

The great thing about social media in today’s day and age is that there are many influencers available to be used, and Twitter is no different. If you are not sure what an influencer is, they are essentially people with a massive following that will boost your account by tagging you in posts, or mentioning you in some way to their followers.

Influencers allow you to borrow from their audience, which helps in getting new followers, but there are other ways to do it too. There are also growth services available, such as Twesocial, which is an organic growth service that basically engages with followers on your behalf, so this is a suitable solution when deciding to buy Twitter followers for finding the right audience for your Twitter account. However, if you prefer to engage by yourself, there are many options to do this, such as replying to direct messages, responding to comments and commenting on others posts.

Always make use of hashtags

One of the greatest free resources available are hashtags, and it's incredibly important to use them with each post. The primary purpose of hashtags is to group content under the same hashtag to make it easily findable when searched. This means that when you use a hashtag, and someone searches for it, they will see your tweet.

Not only does this expand your reach, but if the tweet itself is great, then you would have earned a new follower. If you are a brand then you might want to consider using branded hashtags, since this will make it easier for people to find you. It also helps tremendously when doing hashtag challenges and collecting user-generated content.

Find yourself a niche

Something that many people don’t know is that having a niche is incredibly helpful for growth. This is because engagement is a very influential factor in Twitter’s algorithm, and accounts that have higher engagement levels will not only be recommended, but their posts will be more visible too. In other words, tweeting within a niche will allow you to receive targeted followers who will engage.

For businesses, it is very important because your tweets will be seen by the audience or customers that you want to see the message. For example, if you are tweeting general tweets and you are a sports business, your tweets will be seen by everyone. Whereas if you tweeted exclusively about sports, then those are interested in sports will be seeing them, when using hashtags of course.

Your tweets should have value

It is very important to remember that when people using Twitter, most of the time they are bored, which means that they are looking for entertainment. Naturally you should be ready to provide that entertainment, which is why your tweets should have value, and you should never tweet just for the sake of tweeting.

A general rule of them are the three E’s; your tweets should either entertain, educate or excite. Try using different posting methods, not just text, so mix it up with videos, GIF’s, or even memes.

Post at the best times

If you are posting great content, using the best hashtags, operating within a niche and posting entertaining tweets, but still not seeing an increase in followers, then you might be posting at the wrong times.

Keep in mind that Twitter is international, so the chances that you have followers from different countries are quite high, and if that is the case, then they are from different time zones too. It would be a great idea to monitor the tweets you post at different times and see which ones get the most engagement, and an even better idea to post at least twice a day.

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